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The Outsider - The ArtisTTable's "Think Different" Exhibition

• Juried Online Exhibition

• Cash Prizes

• People's Choice Award

• An all media show calling for art about anything outside of the box.

• Entry Fee $25 (Approximately €18.5) Submit up to 5 images

• Submission Deadline: 06 July 2014

• Show Opening: 12 July 2014


The Outsider - Think Different. By definition the outsider has always been with us. The outsider is a mirror of ourselves. Usually they are people with looks, origins, orientations or conditions that certain societies, or members of society consider undesirable or abnormal. Sometimes they are outlaws, often they are outcasts. Refugees think different so they are exiled or feel the need to escape, only to find themselves being immigrants or illegals: outside their homeland, outside their new society. We find outsiders in the margins of society, living on the streets, in asylum camps, in prisons or in mental institutions.

Think different could be the slogan of the so-called Outsider Art: artists that are outside the main stream of art society, typically artists that have come to their craft from avenues other than the academy system that most consider the only way to bestow the title of artist. That said, anyone assuming the role of an artist has nearly always been the outsider.

In this exhibition, we are looking for all of the above; from the art of the outsider, to art that attempts to give voice to the outsiders of our society. We invite everyone to think different, to give another perspective to look at ourselves and our world.


Entry Deadline: 06 July 2014

Exhibition Dates: 12 July - 22 August 2014


All artists and photographers are invited to submit work for inclusion in an ArtisTTable online exhibition titled, The Outsider, at www.ArtistTTableOnline.com. Accepted artists will have their work featured in the month long show showcasing their art along with descriptions of the artwork and artist contact information. (After the exhibition closes it will continue to be accessible in the 'Shelved' section of the site.) Accepted artists will be eligible to win one of three cash prizes.


The Outsider is an all media exhibition with a theme the includes art by outsiders and or about outsiders.

• Originality.

• Interpretation of the theme.

• The overall artistic quality of the work, including compositional excellence.


Original, two and three-dimensional art completed within two years of the entry deadline is eligible. Eligible media includes: oils, watercolors, acrylics, gouache, mixed media, alkyds, collage, pastel, pencil, pen and ink, tempera, scratch board, and original prints (e.g., lithograph, etching, engraving, serigraph), photography, mosaic, sculpture of stone, concrete, cast metals, plaster, found objects, fiber, ceramics, clay, wax, etc.. Ineligible media includes: Reproduction prints, jewelry, artwork in frames. Obviously derivative work and work done under the supervision of an instructor is not eligible. Work that has previously been accepted into an ArtisTTable exhibition is also not eligible. If there are any further questions about eligible media, please email info@artisttableonline.com and we will happily let you know.


Artists 18 or older are invited to submit up to 5 pieces per entry created within two years of the entry deadline.


You may submit up to five images for $25 (approximately €18.5) to the The Outsider exhibition.

We use PayPal for processing subscription payments. PayPal processes millions of secure financial transactions every day. Our use of PayPal means that we do not receive any credit card information from you. You do not need to open your own PayPal account. You can use the service just for this subscription transaction.

If you have any questions about the fees, please email: info@artisttableonline.com

(Note - Entry fees are not refundable under any circumstances.)


Entries will be juried from digital files. Images may be emailed to info@artisttableonline.com.

Images should be 72 dpi JPG format and no longer than 800 pixels on the longest side.

High quality images are essential for qualification. Out of focus, crooked or poorly lit images, and improperly named files will not be considered.


In order to be able to keep track of all the entries that are submitted it is necessary that files be named accordingly. Each file name has three parts separated by an underscore ( _ ). Part 1 is a three letter code describing what show the file is be submitted to, in this case, OUT represents "The Outsider." Part 2 is the artist's last name, and part 3 is the title of the art work. File names should not be more than 40 characters long and cannot contain symbols such as, !, @, #, %, &, etc.

Example of how to label image files: OUT_Last Name_Title.jpg


1) After taking a great photo of your artwork and formatting and naming it appropriately, attach them to an email to info@artisttableonline.com

2) Type Outsider in the subject line.

3) Be sure to include your name in the body of the email.

4) Hit send.


_ Write a brief artist statement about the submission. 300 words or less.

_ Fill out the The Outsider entry form. Link at bottom of this prospectus.

_ Submit non-refundable payment via Pay-pal with the link in the Entry Form.

_ Correctly name each of the files to be submitted.

_ Submit files via email.


André Meeusen and Suzanne van Zutphen


ArtisTTable will refer all inquires about sales back to the Artist. ArtisTTable retains no interest or right to any % of sales resulting from involvement in this competition and exhibition. Sales and collection of payment is the sole responsibility of the artist.


ArtisTTable reserve the right to reproduce all accepted entries, regardless of copyright, for the sole purpose of publicizing the exhibition, use in press releases, slide shows, presentations, articles and on the ArtisTTable website. Artist credit will always accompany the artwork.

The Artist Table will not participate in the sale or exchange of any of the images of the artwork submitted to its competitions and exhibitions. The Artist shall retain all copyrights of any images submitted to and ArtisTTable competition. Submission of a work shall constitute an agreement to comply with all the conditions set forth in this Call for Entries.


All artists that submitted art work will be notified of the juror's results by email as the show opens on 12 July 2014. Accepted artists will have their art work displayed in the Current Exhibition space at www.artisttableonline.com/exhibition from 12 July - August 22, 2014. After the final date the exhibition will be moved to the Shelved section of the site where it will be available for viewing along with other ArtisTTable exhibitions. The exhibition will be publicized to many online social media outlets and blogs. Traditional publications such as newspapers and magazines will be sent press releases detailing the exhibition, and include the names of the winners and the juror's statement.


The ArtisTTable community and competition/exhibitions are completely self financed by the artist developers. The amount of the total purse for the winners of these competitions are cash prizes based on how many entries are submitted, to never be less than $100 total. The hope is that the prizes can continue to grow with future exhibitions as more artists participate. The plan is to add more prizes and bigger prizes for more categories in the future.



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