La Condition Humain by Katherine Herring

Welcome to the 44th online exhibition of the ArtisTTable, 
Figuratively Speaking

The human form is an age-old subject. As long as there have been artists there have been people drawing people. It is fascinating for us as people to see others of our species in all of their different conditions and settings. Aside from that, the human body is an example of perfect composition. Perfect of course is a loaded word. But as we talk about art, look at art, the idea that all bodies are perfect and wonderful really becomes a reality.

Juror's Notes:

This show where we feature the figure is always one of our most favorite to review. The human form is beautiful and one that everyone is familiar with if for no other reason than we all have one. This show is a joy, we think you will enjoy it. - ArtisTTable Staff

First Place

La Condition Humain by Katherine Herring

Solidity, power, mass, emotion, are just four of the first impressions that V8 gives me. The figure takes up the space of the picture plane such that we feel this man’s presence. There is also an anonymity to this figure that also lets us assume this pose ourselves for whatever reason we might need to hold ourselves in such a way.

Second Place

Change by Gaya Lastovjak

Charged with emotion that fills us with empathy for this character that Gaya has created for us to enjoy. The way that the form catches the light and creates its shadows brings the pale tones of the figure to life as to almost turn them into real flesh.

Third Place

Figure 3 by Andrew Harmon

This drawing is rendered in expertly drawn series of straight lines that help us to understand the important planes of the figure in order for us to feel the changes in the form. Of course the model is wearing a mask which is such a telling element, and a reminder that while we have been through a lot in the last two and a half years, we are not all the way through it yet.

Honorable Mention

Untitled 2 by Sandy Belyea

This colorful monotype of a very compressed pose is turned into a swirling composition of blues and oranges that begin to spin like a turntable. I always did love those colored vinyl records. I’m glad to see them coming back again.

Honorable Mention

Meditation by Linda McCord

Even without the title this painting would be filled with emotion. This single figure apparently has a lot to think about about and a beautiful sun-bathed staircase to process it all. The light streaming through the railing is warm and comforting.

Honorable Mention

Blue Alter by Paul Pinzarrone

Is there spiritually in symmetry? It is likely the case. The abstract nature of this image is super appealing. While the figures are centered right in the middle, they are still somehow not all that obvious. I love that we have to work a little bit at this one. It is also curious how the purples and blues give us an icy environment which might not seem like where we would expect to find a couple of nude figures. Perhaps surrealism is meeting op art in this one.

Honorable Mention

Pheasant by Jason Weaver

When an artist is able to use a pencil the way that Justin Weaver can magic things begin to happen. But it doesn’t begin and end there. There is a creative twist that makes us take several extra looks at this drawing.

The delicate beauty of the feathers manage to contrast and compliment the beauty of the woman and the heavy necklace that she wears.

Tali’s Choice

Blue Nude by Linn Saffer

This pose makes me feel comfortable myself, I can recognize the comfort of this pose, but also the tension from the feet to the neck. Linn manages to create that tension with line and form. A lot of yellow and green comes from blue...Blue Nude.

Royce’s Choice

Pose 901 by Irma Van Zand

So often simplicity carries us so much further than a hyper-realistic piece of art. The pen lines of this drawing tell us just about all we need to know about this pose in order to understand what is going on with it. And what isn’t explained by the loose contour lines is told to us with the slight washy tones that hint at the shadow sides of the form.

Figuratively Speaking People's Choice Award:

We hope that you will all take the time to vote for this special exhibition. Your vote will in fact help to determine the winner of this award. It's one more way that you can be part of the art.

We would like to announce that Ronit Cohen is the winner of the People's Choice Award for our previous show, All Means All. You can see Ronit’s winning entry, As Blue As It Gets by clicking Here.

The artwork chosen to represent this exhibition is by the First Place winner, Katherine Herring, titled, La Condition Humain.

If you read this far, we thank you very much, we appreciate your interest and engagement in the arts and in particular the work that has taken to put this show together. We truly appreciate all the artists in the show and the great work they do.

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