2013 was an interesting year in many ways for the ArtisTTable. We set out to create an art community that we would actually like to be a part of. We are artists, and by nature we are very experimental, when we have an idea we run with it. Sometimes the results are less than what we had hoped and other times they far exceed our expectations.

We hosted eight ArtisTTable exhibitions in 2013 which included artists from all around the globe. It has been really gratifying to have people from China, Japan, Korea, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Australia, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Poland, Africa, Israel, the USA, and more.

Over the course of the year we have presented the work of hundreds of artists and thousands of people have seen their work. The art that has been submitted has really been quite amazing. We would like to thank all of our jurors too. Their task is really not an easy one, but they all did wonderful work.

Among so many other things, this last year we also included real life meet-ups in our ArtisTTable activities. We started meeting with ArtisTTable artists with our first Figure Drawing Marathon last April in Grand Rapids. We ended up doing four Marathons this year, three in Michigan and one in the Netherlands and now the Marathons are regular menu items at the ArtisTTable.

We are very pleased where the ArtisTTable is as we begin year two. Starting with just the two of us, and now between our website with our exhibitions, two Facebook pages, Twitter and others we have grown to a community of thousands. Quite honestly it is a little bit hard to comprehend.

We intend to continue with quality events in 2014, there will be a few new things that we will be implementing here as we make our way into the new year.

Exhibition Schedule

In 2014 we will have a new schedule of themed juried online shows that will include, Animals, Portraits, Landscape, and Figures. As promised we will have a Men’s show as well as another Women’s show.

We want to make a special announcement now about the exhibition in July. “Everything Moves” will be a "new media" show, If you can upload it to Youtube, it will probably be eligible. Short film, Animation, Documentary, Music video, Video art. This will be a juried show with cash prizes as are all of our other shows. The submission deadline is the 25th of July. Check out the Upcoming page for more details.

We also are adding a few new things to make the shows just a little better. First Place winners of the exhibitions will be interviewed and given a feature in the Spotlight section of the site. Artists will be able to submit up five images now instead of four. Aside from the information about each piece of now we will also include dimensions of the original art work. Non-English speaking artists will have an easier time getting information about the exhibitions as we have the details and entry forms translated into Spanish, French, Dutch, Hebrew, and Portuguese.

As we continue to work at more and more real meeting events we are also developing the idea of having an ArtisTTable exhibition with real art on real walls. Stay tuned to see what happens.


The ArtisTTable is pleased to announce GalleryUNO.

GalleryUNO is a new feature at the ArtisTTable and is new idea in online rental space. Read all the details here.

Figure Drawing Marathons

In the new year the ArtisTTable is going to continue presenting Figure Drawing Marathons. The response to the Marathons we have held in 2013 have been overwhelmingly positive.

Read More.

ArtisTTable Plein Air Paint Outs

We will hold our first Paint Out in 2014 in Zwolle, The Netherlands. We are excited to see these events develop. Paint Outs will be an opportunity to get together with other artists that love to work from the landscape on location.

Look for Paint Outs in Michigan and Utah during the 2014 season.

ArtisTTable YouTube Channel

2014 is also going to see the debut of the ArtisTTable YouTube Channel where we will produce weekly features and Vlogs on a variety of arty subjects. We have a few logistics that we are working out but when we do it will be yet another way lovers of art and the ArtisTTable to tap into what it's all about. In the meantime if you have ideas about what kinds of topics you would like us to address, go to this LINK and fill out the suggestion form with your ideas. We would love to get your input.

Thanks for a great 2013 and the ArtisTTable wishes you and yours a really Fantastic 2014!!!

Tali and Royce

First Place Winners of our 2013 Season!

Beth Swanson - Art des Femmes

Casey Childs - People Are People

Glenn Leung - Send Me a Postcard

Ao Te - My Town

Dorit Ruff - WORDS

Frank Tarenskeen - Distant Horizons

Anne Corlett - Let's Get Acquainted!

Payton Rack - Not What Everyone Sees