The ArtisTTable is pleased to announce GalleryUNO.

The opening of the first show will be March 6, 2014

GalleryUNO is a new feature at the ArtisTTable and is new idea in online rental space. The Gallery is a promoted space on the ArtisTTable site that artists can lease to present their work. Artists become their own curators and can decide what they want to show. It is a great way to show the world a new series of work as well as a good opportunity if you don’t have a web site. Even if you have a web site having an event in GalleryUNO will drive traffic to your own site.

What you get when you lease the Gallery:

- One month exclusive presence in the Gallery

- Artist Bio page

- Contact page with links

- Artist Statement page

- Thumbnail Gallery containing up to 30 images and personalized banner

- Individual pages for each piece of art with detailed description

- ArtisTTable promotions

- ArtisTTable curation consultation

- Feature on the ArtisTTable GalleryUNO Facebook Group

- Archived Gallery

- One-Time low fee ($300)

- Optional updates to the Archived Gallery every six months ($25 per update)