Transformed by Silence by Eshwan Winding

Welcome to the Art of Women exhibition. This show has now become an annual event here at the ArtisTTable, it is an open themed show with the only criteria being that only women are eligible. We were overwhelmed with the response that the Call for Entries received. As if we weren’t impressed enough by the number of submissions and the amazing depth of the and variety of the work with it’s many styles, techniques and approaches; artists from 30 countries around the world registered to be a part of the show.

We want to thank all those artists that submitted, and congratulations to those that have had work selected for the exhibition. Of the over 350 pieces of art submitted, there are 252 works in the Art of Women show. Many of the artists are new to the ArtisTTable and others have in other of our exhibitions. Congratulations to Vivian Le, Marta Tiesenga, and Rebecca Uilasz for being awarded First, Second and Third prizes by our juror, Michaela Mende Janco.

We want to thank Michaela for the monumental job she did in jurying this exhibition. We realize the weight that is placed upon every juror’s shoulders, and we truly appreciate Michaela’s time and effort.

Michaela is herself an artist and an art therapist. She lives and works in Israel. She has her training in fine art when she began her graduate degree in art therapy she felt like she needed to challenge her definitions of what art was. Her thesis was about Art Brut and Outsider Art, she added, “Art for me is a means for communicating and expressing the Self. I see it primarily as a need, an impulse to leave a mark in the world in a physical form. Cave Painting is what I return to when I look for a pure art form seeking self-expression.”

Juror’s Note:

I was honored to be asked by Tali and Royce to choose which works touched me most and I tried to consider both the aesthetic and the content aspects of the works submitted.

The works I saw were very versatile in their subject matter as well as in their visual form and artistic media. I felt a richness of experience and was intrigued to get to know more about the artists and the experiences that were at the heart of the art works they presented.

Vivian Le: Her work intrigued me. The association I had was with children's storybooks and a juxtaposition of naiveté and beauty with an onlooker's gaze and the sometimes cruel reality of our world. I felt Vivian constructed a world that I wanted to dive into, theatrical, whimsical and yet painfully aware of itself.

Marta Tiesenga: She draws and etches lines on paper and builds constructs of her imagination, at once magnificent and simple, whether it represents a natural scenery, a portrait or an abstract drawing. The artist writes in her statement that she explores themes of interconnectivity through the repetition of line. Her lines certainly connected with my heart and soul.

Rebecca Uliasz: Through her photographs and paintings Rebecca deconstructs reality and rebuilds it again. Through this act emotions are expressed and communicated. The scenes of a woman standing naked in the kitchen looking out-of-place, her eyes fixed in a non-discerning gaze, are powerfully drawn. They relate to the tradition of Expressionism and seem to tear the mask of Bourgeois house-wife-in-kitchen scenes and reveal the truth behind such facades.

Honorable Mentions:

Aixa Oliveras: Her realistic drawings convey a haunting quality to everyday scenes. They have psychological depth and an other-worldly feeling to them.

Michal Ben Zeev: Her work celebrates the ordinary, the mundane and infuse depth and meaning into it. Her works are rich and sensuous.

Julie Richards: The tractor and its environment seem interconnected. The atmosphere of the farm comes through as well as the rust on Old Faithful.

Lesli Bell: Watercolor paintings on different intricate backgrounds, beautifully painted in watercolor, the works exude a dream-like otherworldly quality.

Aneta Novicka: Her video work takes us on a journey touching upon an intricate relationship with her body. Intimacy, shame, guilt, eroticism, vulnerability and tenderness, all woven together.

Edna Levy: Her sculptures very successfully manage to capture and express the gestures and movement of life in bronze.

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Elli Albrecht - USA

Paula Bannerman - USA

Linnea Barnes - France

Nieves Barrenshea - Spain

Izabela Beisert - Germany

Lesli Bell - Australia

Ayellet Ben Ner - Israel

Michal Ben Zeev - Israel

Bitta Bøthun Bjønsdotter - USA

Asami Bluefudge - Japan

Chezy Chencinski - Israel

Orna Chic - Israel

Candice Chovanec - USA

Katherine Colborn - USA

Laura Collins - USA

Dor Confino - Israel

Anita Cunningham - USA

Stella de Genova - USA

Antonia del Olmo - Spain

Marsha Doran - USA

Kerry Doring - USA

Ank Draijer - Nederland

Tali Farchi - Nederland

Mary Flack - USA

Mary Gilman - USA

Jessica Goehring - USA

Suzanne Gonzales-Smith - USA

Aliza Gutman - Israel

Adrian Hern - USA

Lodela Hidlago - Philippines

Donna Howard - USA

Cat Jackson - USA

Kathleen Joyce - USA

Micky Kirchen - Luxembourg

Kaisu Koski - Finland

Louise LaChance - Canada

Régine La Fata - France

Dilaruba Latif - Bangladesh

Isabelle Le Pors - France

Vivan Le - USA

Laurie Lehman - USA

Ruslana Levandovska - Canada

Edna Levy - Israel

Nelli Lorch - Israel

Paula Louw - South Africa

Belinda Low - Singapore

Charlann Meluso - USA

Sue Midlock - USA

Laura Moore - USA

Daylene Moss - USA

Lauren Moss - USA

Katherine Muller - USA

Aneta Nowicka - Poland

Aixa Oliveras - Puerto Rico

Meishan Pan - China

Peggy Radcliff - USA

Cheryl Rau - USA

Sylvia Raz - USA

Julie Richards - Wales, UK

Mathilde Renes - Netherlands

Helen Roowalla - Switzerland

Laura Rosseter - USA

Roeli Rumscheidt - Netherlands

Brenda Salamone - USA

Nelly Sanchez - France

Maria Santacecilia - Argentina

On Kyeong Seong -South Korea

Tamar Shavit - Israel

Brenda Sipe - USA

Lauren Michelle Stewart - USA

Priyanka Tewari - India

Alycia Thompson - USA

Marta Tiesenga - USA

Rebecca Uliasz - USA

Asli Uludag - Turkey

Judith Verheij - Spain

Marcy Ann Villafana - USA

Zita Villanueva - USA

Mary Vivo - USA

Jemina Watstein - Germany

Ilana Weiler - Israel

Nicole Westbrook - Canada

Ezshawan Winding - Mexico

Nancy Wolitzer - USA

Sheryl Yeager - USA

Nava Zak - Israel

Michal Zalzman - Israel