Garden G by Paul Pinzarrone

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to come and see, "Space", the ArtisTTable's 36th online exhibition. Space is a topic that can be as concrete as it is abstract. It is also some thing that we all have been thinking about in different ways since the lock-down happened for all of us in March. When we announced the call for this show we had no idea how much we would all be thinking about it.

We want to thank our juror, artist, Joan Game for "Space". Being the juror, is never an easy job, so we really appreciate her work and effort.

So, thank you Joan. Take the time to read her notes on the show and what she has to say about the works that she has chosen.

Juror's Notes:

The collection artwork submitted for this show was a wonderful wide range of styles and mediums. I considered the concept of space to be quite broad from inner space, dimensional space, outer space, and more. When finalizing my choices, I took into consideration the artist’s use of medium, composition, color or no-color usage, texture, movement, direction, and how the artwork created a response. –Joan

First Place:

Ido Zitayat - Zoom Invasion

When considering “Space” this entry showed space within space within space, and the corresponding sound, makes the viewer connect with their own space when there is no visual to begin. I like how the artist started with no visuals, only the sound, and how the sound changed from human laughter/activity to the sounds of a motor at the end. Very creative visually with the digitally moving overlapping cutouts framing parts of a drawing. It was very interesting to see where in the screen space the cutouts would land or move, combined with the sound.

Second Place:

Tricia Hoye - Exhausted

This image gives a sense of expanse shown by the figure. I like how the composition keeps my eye moving, beginning at the bottom left pattern of blue dotted lines, up and to the right side, then to the top where visually, my eye is directed down by the light coral colored pattern to the figure. The figure is beautifully rendered and the strong color of the figure pulls me into the composition. Because of the lightness of the background, there is a sense of weightlessness, and the use of the medium adds to that sense.

Third Place:

Netiva Caftori - Fields

I loved the texture of this piece! It is reminiscent of something very ancient, and possibly other-worldly. It makes me want to be able to touch it, and to be told the story about it, and what all those markings mean. The varied and repetitive markings are fascinating.

Honorable Mentions:

Daphna Arod - Longing for Space

The balance of the space of the composition evoked a feeling of quietness and inner reflection.

Rajul Shah - Earth III

The space of the composition was broken up in a pleasing way, with wonderful use of color.

John Michael Edington - Floating

A great sense of depth with the use of color.

Inbal Kristin - Speaker

My inner ear began to tingle with vibration just from looking at this piece and its the use of color.

Dina Zeifer - Boy in a Tree

Nice use of contrast and the breaking up of the space in the composition.

Michal Weinberger - Valley

A great color usage, and use of direction and movement.

Portfolio Award:

Paul Pinzarrone

This award is given by the ArtisTTable to artists that show persistence and solid continuity in their work. It is not often that we give this award based on anything more than what was submitted to the particular show. In the case of Paul Pinzarrone, we have seen his work in many shows now and over the years he has indeed exhibited a very high quality and consistent series of images.

His work has typically had a very obvious figurative aspect to it; much less so in this offering for SPACE. So while Paul has made a shift away from his norm, we continue to see work that is not only on par with his previous work but perhaps here he has exceeded expectations. His arc of progression is so very on-track.

Staff Pick Award:

Tal Rappel - Hope

This award is one that is given to an artist and a piece of art that our staff feels is deserving of special recognition.

Hope by Tal Rappel first addresses hope, and it is something that we think that we all need a little more of.

There is also a raw honesty to this painting that speaks to the directness that we are so seemingly lacking these days. Maybe not in our art as much as in our daily lives.

Art is one of those things that can speak to each of us in our own language and tell us a new and different story.

Tali’s Choice:

Inbal Kristen - Inner Space

I can feel the warmth, the heat, and the tension in this photo.

Shadows are a fascination for me and tell the story of connection.

Great composition and feeling of space.

The two shadow lines on the left can not tell us what they are or from where they are coming from. They remain a question and mystery. That alone makes this image very strong. –Tali

Royce's Choice:

Lisa Moriarty - Waves

The more I looked at these bits of paper I became more and more intrigued with the way the light varied in the way it was picked up by the papers. The subtle changes from the bottom to the top really speaks to the many variations of value inside of a wave. The delicate translucency from the encaustic wax is rich. –Royce

Space People's Choice Award:

This is really where you as a viewer come into the equation and become part of the process. Please take the time to vote because your vote really will determine who will win this award for this exhibition. Voting will be open until 01 October 2020.

We would like to announce that Anat Alon is the winner of the People's Choice Award for our previous show, "Free Choice". You can see Alon's winning entry, Rest in the Shade by clicking Here.

The artwork chosen to represent this exhibition is by the ArtisTTable Portfolio Award winner, Paul Pinzarrone, titled, Garden G.

If you read this far, we thank you very much, we appreciate your interest and engagement in the arts and in particular the work that has taken to put this show together. We truly appreciate all the women in the show and the great work they do.

Now please Click Here and go enjoy "Space" now.

Space Exhibition Artists:

Tali Farchi - Netherlands

Jess Bettoun - Israel

Netiva Caftori - Israel

Royce Deans - USA

John Michael Edington - USA

Daphna Arod - Israel

Michael Hassig - USA

Tricia Hoye - USA

Inbal Kristen - Israel

Lisa Moriarty - USA

Tal Rappel - Israel

Paul Pinzarrone - USA

Rajul Shah - Singapore

Julia Sol Bairintseva - Israel

Nancy Wilkinson - USA

Michal Weinberger - Israel

Dina Zeifer - Israel

Ido Zitayat - Israel