Wild Sonoran Poppies by Linda Star Landon

2018 is well underway now and we want to welcome you to the ArtisTTable’s 28th online exhibition. The 2018 Landscape Show is a special show that features how artists see the places they live and visit. We have to say that this show presents a wide swath of work from traditional oil painting to digitally generated works and then to pastels. We are impressed by the way the work in this show presents together. There is something about a landscape show that is wonderful, because there is a similarity that we can’t escape for the most part, especially when you are given a horizon line. Yet with the wildly different expressions of this theme we can be constantly and pleasantly surprised.

The 2018 Landscape Show is an all media show with the landscape as its only theme. We are happy to present this show and really wish to express our thanks to all those that participated.

Juror's Results and Comments:

We want to thank Erica Hyatt for serving as our juror for this exhibition. We appreciate her time and work in this effort to review this body of submissions. We invited Erica to be our juror for this exhibition because she is an accomplished and award winning landscape herself. She was born in the USA and lives with her family in the Netherlands and works daily in her studio there. Erica also has a long list of experiences that give her a deep bag full of skill sets. She has spent her fair share of time in the financial worlds, and the motion picture industry in post production. We indeed are happy to have her lend her eyes, time and experience to this important process and part of this show.

First Place:

-Evos Primmest - Love Tree

Second Place:

-Shena Sloboda - Faster Than Light

Third Place:

-Kathy Hutchins - Tuscan Cottage

Honorable Mentions:

The following artists have submitted work that is worthy of praise and recognition.

-Mary Jo Roys Drueke - Puerto Rican View

-Jane Ditri - Northern Rainforest

-Linda Star Landon - Somewhere Between Sonoma and Napa

-Rachelle Goldreich - Tuscany 2

-Barbara Reich - Flow

-Zongzhou Wang - Granary

Staff Choice Awards:

Tali's Choice:

- Tzoor Eitam Amichay- Lake in the Park

The simplicity of the line work and the purity of this drawing that looks like it could be from Amichay’s sketchbook is particularly appealing. Color is a nice surprise for a drawing in pen and that is way this piece is the show's “Tali Choice."

Royce's Choice:

-Dorit Mendelson - Houses in the Sun

There are so many elements that can influence how we take in a piece of art when we are faced with it. In recent years it has become necessary to set aside any preconceived and prehistoric ideas we have had about digital art for one. Initially I was drawn to the composition and color of this piece but when I began to understand the wonderful little figures in the foreground I was sold. This is a busy little community.

Congratulations to Brian Allebach for winning the Landscape 2018 People's Choice Award for his painting, Cubist Landscape.

Now, please visit the show by clicking on the image above, Somewhere Between Sonoma and Napa by Linda Star Landon, or just click here.

ArtisTTable 2018 Landscape Exhibition Artists:

Tali Farchi - Netherlands

Brandon Allebach - USA

Carmen Aurariu - Romania

Jeffery Randolf Bond - USA

Royce Deans - USA

Jane Ditri - USA

Mary Jo Roys-Drueke - USA

Mike Edington - USA

Rachelle Goldreich - Israel

Cheryl Gordon - USA

Tricia Hoye - USA

Kathy Hutchins - USA

Dita Jacobovitz - Israel

Linda Star Landon - USA

Dorit Mendelson - Israel

Jo Murray - Australia

Henry Poppe - USA

Evos Primost - Israel/France

Barbara Reich - USA

Jackie Rogers - USA

Shena Sloboda - USA

Nancy Turner - USA

Tzoor Eitam Amichay - Israel

Zongzhou Wang - USA