Dune Land - Point Betsie by Ellie Harold

We are proud to present to you the ArtisTTable’s 22nd exhibition - Landscape 2016. As a subject, it is ever the common ground that we all share even though it varies so widely depending on where we find ourselves at any given moment. As wildly different that the scenarios that Mother Nature deals out, when you add in the millions of variations and interpretations that artists bring to the table, there will continue to be countless ways that the landscape can be presented to us.

We are happy to have Jennifer Groves as our juror for Landscape 2016. She has curating exhibitions and collections in and around New York City for the last 14 years. We knew her eye and experience would be invaluable to making this show a success.

We want to thank Jennifer for her time effort and focused attention. We appreciate her involvement an input.

Juror Statement

What a privilege to judge the 2016 Landscape Show and I want to thank everyone who participated!

How I love an artist's interpretation of a given theme, (in this case the landscape), as the responses can be so unique. The medium, the "canvas", and the choice of actual subject matter was diverse, so it was an extremely difficult process attempting to narrow down submissions into some sort of order. As I repeatedly went through the images I came upon those that resonated the most with me and they are the following:

1st place: Ellie Harold, "Dune Land - Point Betsie"

The use and reference to Modern, Fauvist Color struck me immediately! I see a landscape, simplified into its essence, rather than representing a particular scene. These shapes, strong colors, and clean lines, with the use of perspective, led me over the Dunes and to the sea...

2nd place: Victoria Pierce, "Valle d' Oro"

This landscape was completely rendered with painted brushstrokes and color. The layer of gold both illuminated and gave the distinction of a valley without one definitive line, and still draws me into that divide.

3rd place: Jane Ditri, "Bayou Reflections"

The whole mood of this bayou scene is an afternoon of relaxing, romantic, and cool. My gaze stops to see the distinct reflection of branches on the water, and then lazily continues on the meandering path to the source of this body of water.

There were many others worthy of noting, so I have included them as Honorable Mentions. But in my eyes, everyone who entered has the courage, talent , and drive which leads to personal success!

Thank you all again!

–Jennifer Groves

Congratulations to Greg Lannin for winning the Landscape 2016 People's Choice Award for his painting, Tranquil Woods.

Now, please enjoy the show by clicking on the image above, a painting that brings to mind sun, sand and warmth that is summer, Dune Land - Point Betsie by Ellie Harold.

Landscape 2016 ArtisTTable Show Artists:

Tal Bracha - Israel

Dina Bros - Israel

Timothy Kump aka Bullet - USA

Royce Deans - USA

Jane Ditri - USA

Beny Dror - Israel

Tali Farchi - Netherlands

Caroline Goldsmith - USA

Ellie Harold - USA

Michael Hassig - USA

Greg Lannin - USA

Charles LaRue - USA

Gary Lehman - USA

Eric Mantle - USA

Kay McFarlane-Smith - Australia

Hila Mizrachi - Israel

Gena Neumann - USA

Shani Norilan - Israel

Victoria Pierce - Mexico

Nissan Rabin - Israel

Sylvia Santos-Hunt - USA

Gina Sinay - Israel

Kate Skorski - Australia

Adam Van Houten - USA

Batia Weiss - Israel

Isabelle Weisz - Israel

Efrat Zalayit - Israel

Orit Zarmi - Israel

Lisa Zook - USA