Inward Sprial by Tal Bracha - Israel

We are proud to present to you the ArtisTTable’s 20th online exhibition - Interiors. When we approached Omar and Wendy Marty about judging this show we asked them if they were interested in developing a theme for the show of their own choosing. As you read the Juror’s Statement below you will see just what they were thinking as they proposed the interiors as a topic for this exhibition.

We were fascinated at the many ways that interiors were interpreted. It was indeed a challenge, and we think that is a good thing. As artists, we need to stretch ourselves.

We want to thank Omar and Wendy for their collective critical and discerning vision. Please read their statement and see what they have to say about the pieces that they choose.

Juror Statement

We were honored to be invited to serve as jurors for an ArtisTTable show. Our challenge was to clearly define a theme that is narrow enough to provide boundaries for the artwork, yet not so narrow as to constrain creativity. The “Interiors” theme emerged from several conversations. Regardless of style, period, or medium, interiors are among our favorite works of art. We have found that depictions of interiors can have great power to evoke a broad range of feelings – comfort, wonder, curiosity, anxiety, and more. Thus, for the Interiors Show we asked artists to create an image of an interior space that tells us something about why they chose the space. Peopled or not, the image would give the interior a voice.

We have picked six works representing that power to convey emotions. We divided the six into two groups without making any judgment as to rank within each group.

Top Picks:

George Baker – Summer View. A porch with a rocking chair, an ocean view, and doors open on a sunny day evokes comfort and satisfaction. There is complexity in the image, too. The artist accepted the challenge of depicting an unusual pattern of shadow and reflection on the porch floor.

Esti Drore-Hayut – Gellert. A neo-classical bathhouse with many bathers in the water. People come to

these places seeking an antidote to the stress of the world outside, a place outside of time. Expanses of dripping yellow and white paint suggest a once grand place is now in decline.

Ann Woodward – Hidden Chapel. A mysterious interior with elements which are unlikely in one place.

Through two arches we see other spaces containing religious icons and other objects with iconic power – flowers, a basket of fruit, a votive candle. A blue pool and a brick wall keep us from knowing what is in a distant room. We are curious but if we were actually there, would we be apprehensive as well?

Honorable Mention:

Yael Aviv – Uncle Ernesto. With shutters closed, two figures relax in a comfortable room, dozing or

watching television. Lots of blankets insure everyone will be warm. It is a common scene with a bit of

mystery – what does Uncle Ernesto have in his hands? Is he asleep or awake?

Anna Kopylova – Diving Pool. This digital visualization presents a space where people can watch deep sea divers in training. The design combines hard edges suggesting the precision and danger involved in diving with organic forms for relaxed observation. The observer assumes an attitude of floating.

Elisabeth Sekulic – What’s Left of My Home. A ruin becomes a home for art where little else could live. Art changes the interior. The interior changes the art. What’s left of my home? Art.

As we always do, in addition to the choices of the jurors, as the hosts, we always add Tali’s and Royce’s Choices.

Tali’s Choice:

Frank Tarenskeen – Sunday Morning. In a home, in a room, under a blanket, sleeping. I have found in this art work few levels of interiors and internal situation on different levels, beside the fine and lovely execution of the theme. I was intrigued by the painting itself, each patch of the quilt is a painting that makes this painting so attractive, and inviting you to go to sleep under this blanket.

Royce’s Choice:

Malta Inbal – From White to Gray. This photo is part of a series from the same name as the title of this image. There is a real abstract quality to these shots that make me think that we are inside of a mind, and looking around we can’t quite make out what the owner is thinking about but every once in a while a notice something that we recognize.

Congratulations to Gregory Lannin he was the winner of the People’s Choice Award in our previous show, MANHHOD! As you look through Interiors, be sure to vote for your favorite art by clicking the Vote Button on every page.

Now, please enjoy the show by clicking on the image above, another interpretation of interiors, Inward Spiral by Tal Brucha.

Interiors - 2016 ArtisTTable Show Artists:

Rami Ater - Israel

Ilana Aviv - Israel

Yael Aviv - Israel

George Baker - USA

Tal Bracha - Israel

Royce Deans - USA

Esti Drore-Hayut - Israel

Miri Eitan-Sadeh - Israel

Sue Ela - Israel

Tali Farchi - Netherlands

Rachel Fleischer - Israel

Michal Fridman-Wineberg - Israel

Ilya Galprin - Israel

Sharon Gershman - Israel

Nitsa Guetta - Israel

Etty Gugenheim - Israel

Elizabeth Hampson - USA

Tony Hirsh - Israel

Courtney Ignace - USA

Malka Inbal - Israel

Marlen Ismalon - Israel

Annie Konforty - Israel

Anna Kopylova - Russia

Yulia Lisle - UK

Lauren Macklin - USA

Yael Margolin - Israel

Dima Mogilevsky - Israel

Adiva Or - Israel

Devora Ortas - Israel

Benzi Pomeretsky - Israel

Elisabeth Sekulic - Brazil

Dana Shaham - Israel

Alison Smith-Welsh - Canada

Dvora Swartzberg - Israel

Natalie Tanner - Canada

Frank Tarenskeen - Netherlands

Reut Una Tsameret - Israel

Ann Woodward - USA

Anat Zagorsky-Springmann - Israel

Dina Zaifer - Israel