Surfer's Skyline by Benjamin Janovics

Overtime we post a new ArtisTTable Exhibition a few things happen. One we are once more impressed by the work that is submitted. We love to see how the theme of each show is interpreted. Secondly, We feel a great sense of pride in being able to showcase all of this wonderful creativity. And as we are at this point as we are now, where we are having shows for the second time, it shows us how time truly does fly. Especially when you are having fun.

This exhibition is in fact the second abstract show we have put on. We have come a long way, and have met so many good people in the process. This show we have lots of new friends from all corners of the globe and a few old friends that keep coming back. We would like to send our appreciation out to all the artists that really made this exhibition possible.

We want to thank our juror, and accomplished musician and artist, Haydn Dickenson, he undertook the task of reviewing all the submissions to the show. It is not an easy task at that, never the less he did a marvelous job.

Juror’s Notes:

I've been so impressed by the overall diversity of submissions to this Exhibition. Deciding on the three winners was not easy, but ultimately I selected three pieces that induced in me a visceral reaction, which is what I want Art to do! Also important in making my choice was the balance of colour or tone, composition, and mastery of technique and materials.

In Natalia Prutski's piece, Silence - taking a richly-deserved First Prize - simplicity is key; the result being a truly mesmeric evocation of silent contemplation. In Forest, Sue Imperial is a worthy recipient of Second Prize with a piece demonstrating a superb handling of texture within almost monochrome tones. Third Prize winner Sam Tucibat has given us a piece of stunning depth, originality and richness in his Untitled 1.

As for the Honorable mentions, I was particularly struck by Yael Yael's haunting and thoughtful work, and by the edgy vigor of Gal Roditty's film-making, especially '12345612345'

Congratulations to all the winners and indeed to all the participants on a truly fantastic show!

Lastly, we feel that it is important that every one around the world gets to participate and be a part by voting in the 2LITTLE People's Choice Awards. Every piece of art has a button under it that will allow you to cast your vote for your favorite piece.

The Dig It! - 2015 ArtisTTable Abstract Show Artists:

Lilac Abramsky-Arazi- Israel

Olga Beaton - UK

Parker Beaudoin - USA

Ami Beck - Israel

Vivian Birkenfeld - Israel

Mary Chistikina - Russia

Dielle Ciesco - France

Royce Deans - USA

Sue Ela - Israel

Dalia Even Tsur - Israel

Tali Farchi - NL

Radu Gavrila - Romania

Erica Geralds - USA

Roberta Grewcock - Canada

Irit Gruss - Israel

Yuri Gudkov - Israel

Matt Gurney - Guernsey Channel Islands

Jennifer Gutierrez - Canada

Jacqueline Gwynne - USA

Pete Hind Fletcher - UK

Jasmin Hochma - Israel

Sue Imperial - USA

Petr Jachym - Czech Republic

Ronit Kristal - Israel

Vekshina Kseniia - Russia

Judit Ladányi - Hungary

Sophia Leboeuf - USA

Tahila Marx - Israel

Paul McCloskey - Ireland

Connie Moore - USA

Ilan Moyal - Israel

Koichi Nakada - Japan

Carolyn O'Neill - Australia

Adiva Or - Israel

Zach Prosser - USA

Natalia Prutski - USA

Lalitha Ravindran - India

Gal Roddity - Israel

Sharon Shachar - Israel

Antonia Shkuratova - Estonia

Shivangi Singh - USA

Kate Skorski - Australia

Chesley Smith - USA

Liza Solovyeva - Russia

Kirti Sonalkar - USA

Sam Tucibat - USA

Sarit Tzabary Tiri - Israel

Benjamin Vasserman - Estonia

Yael Vogel - USA

Suyin Wai - Canada

Adam Wernecke - USA

Patricia Whittingham - Canada

Yael Yael - Israel

Tina Ybarra - USA

Bat Zion Zeifman - Israel

Evie Zimmer - USA

Emil Sennholz- USA

Dana Shaban - Israel

Thomas Zuber - USA