King Day by Joke PlomP

As the ArtisTTable continues to take its laps around the track it is very exciting to have show come around again and again. June 2015 actually marks our third small works show. The first one we called Send Me a Postcard, which really rendered some very interesting results, due in large part to the cryptic sort of title. June 2014 we partnered with the Richard App Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the LITTLE Show that was the ArtisTTable's first exhibition where the art was physically hung on the walls where the public could come and see and buy.

This exhibition is the sequel to the LITTLE Show, which explains the title, 2LITTLE. On June 4th we had our second LITTLE opening reception at the Richard App Gallery, and it wasn't so little. The gallery was full of art lovers, onlookers, curiosity seekers and art buyers to see the art from 8 different countries as well as many local artists.

This time around we are introducing yet another first, this show is being put online at the same time that is on display in the gallery in Grand Rapids. By having it online, it allows every one around the world to participate and be a part by voting in the 2LITTLE People's Choice Awards. Every piece of art has a button under it that will allow you to cast your vote for your favorite piece.

The 2LITTLE Artists:

Anat Shayovits - Israel

Astrid Slettevold - Norway

Bobbie Stevens - USA

Callie Clark - USA

Carlos Medina - Brazil

Chalice Bartsch-Bailey - USA

Charles LaRue - USA

Chloe Viening-Bulter - USA

Dan Lisuk - USA

Don Thoms - USA

Donald E Ryan - USA

Elijah Edwardson - USA

Ellie Harold - USA

Eric Broekhuis - USA

Gusta C. SandBrink-Bras - NL

Heli Maki Arvela - Finland

Jacob Galey - USA

James Tingley - USA

Jeff Brown - USA

Jennifer Gutierrez - Canada

Joke Plomp - Netherlands

Jolanda Doornbos - NL

Joyce Petrakovitz - USA

Kate Ryckman - Canada

Katherine Marty - USA

Laurie Lehman - USA

Linda Scarborough - USA

Loralee Grace - USA

Lynn Ulhmann - USA

Margaret Vega - USA

Melanie Morris - USA

Nora Faber - USA

Patti Jo Hansen - USA

Paul Pinzarrone - USA

Peter van Steenwijk - NL

Randall Nyhof - USA

Steve Scarborough - USA

Sergei Mironov - Russia

Roeli Rumscheidt - NL

Royce Deans - USA

Tali Farchi - NL