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"What a joy it was to always find someone to converse and to paint with. I am so grateful to have met each of you and look forward to seeing you in the future! Thank you Tali and Royce for arranging all of it and supporting us in our art. Thank you Kim for keeping us happily fed. Thank you, everyone else, for taking the leap to get on that ferry boat and risk it all for an intense week full of communing and art!" –Jacquie from Traverse City, Michigan

"Almost everyday since I left the Morvan with all of you wonderful people,

I've continued to sketch in my sketchbook." –Joan from Iron Mountain, Michigan

"Seven truly remarkable days, where I blazed through a tremendous amount of drawing and painting in wide variety of media and even completed four "frame and display worthy" pieces." –Charles from Grand Rapids, Michigan

"This Art Retreat was a highlight for me! Thank you for the opportunity to expand my creativity, both in art and sharing my passion for personal growth and wellness. Royce and Tali make a fabulous team and I look forward to participating and working with you both in the future." –Lisa from Traverse City, Michigan

"The workshop alone was worth the entire experience." –Diane - Chicago, Illinois

"So many words I have to express how I feel about all of you I met on the start of my journey. You touched my life in ways you cannot imagine. I consider you all family." –Teresa - Rockford, Illinois