There is no 'I' in team.

Due to COVID-19 presenting Muse & Usability in person has become difficult. We are now making it available online to provide greater accessibility and maintain appropriate social distancing.

Muse & Usability will kickstart your team to realize their strengths, communicate ideas freely, see the value of each team member, and understand the importance of collaboration and cooperation.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Muse & Usability™ is an exclusive ArtisTTable original method that has been developed over the last 7 years and has been presented as a workshop to 100's of people around the world.

–Kathy, artist

The unexpected is refreshing. I loved that every drawing was dependent upon another person’s viewpoint. The reality was twisted into a new reality.

Our popular Muse & Usability™ workshops have for years been successful in helping artists of all kinds to increase their creativity has now been converted into a flexible workshop that can facilitate teams in any sort of industry come together to find fresh and workable solutions to the issues at hand.

The Workshop addresses:

• Communication

• Respect

• Cooperation

• Tolerance

• Listening

• Dealing with Frustration

• Rejection

How the game is played:

The game has a simple yet essential set of rules. Laying down the ground rules creates an environment, that is a safe place for participants to share their ideas without fear of judgement. Within the confines of the rule structure complete freedom of expression abounds.

The group is divided into pairs. The pairs will work together throughout the workshop. Each of the groups are given the exact same grid to work with that contains the same 4 source images.

The source images are going to be the subject of the day’s workshop and will be what we will base our choices on.

The grid is set up so that each participant has the same amount of space to work with which means that they have an entirely equal say in the outcome.

Each participant is allowed the same amount of time to complete each piece of art. In this workshop we will allow 10 minutes for each drawing.

The first three drawings that will be created will be from the same original source images. Participants may include and and all of the elements included in the source images. Each two images inspire a new drawing, which in turn inspires the next. They may use any part of the image as inspiration. They may choose to take as little from one image as the color. They are not allowed to add any extra elements that are not in the source images.

Once the first set of drawings (diagonal rows) are made and placed on the grid the magic begins. Now is when the pairs basically switch sides of the grid and begin to work from the other person’s work, that now become the new source images. This will be the first time that they will be able to see the work of their partner.

After the next two drawings are made, the next diagonal row will be complete.

Now the final painting can be made that will complete the grid.

This final drawing contains all the visual DNA of the original sources, plus the refinements of both of partners.

What you can expect:

• Work together to solve a common problem.

• Equal time/space for personal expression.

• Solutions reached with mutual respect and cooperation.

• Obstacles are overcome by naturally thinking outside the box.

• Mutual resolution achieved through joint effort of original thought.

• Immediate results reached individually but only with the input of the other.

Bring the ArtisTTable's exclusive Muse & Usability™ to your organization. An intensive guided workshop presented in person or on Zoom designed to help your team to discover many new possibilities. Everyone will work together to solve problems and challenges through the common language of art and fun.

"Two are better than one...For should they fall, one can raise the other." –Koheleth Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Upcoming Online Workshops:

Saturday, 28 November 2020

11 AM to 3 PM (Eastern US Time)

17:00 to 21:00 (European Time)

18:00 שעון ישראל

This workshop can be presented in English, Dutch, or Hebrew.

For more information and pricing please contact us at

This method says something about the nature of the "conceptual average" you are employing in this workshop. In the beginning, your source materials are highly concrete and realistic. Through the cognitive process of selecting image features it gives them subjective meaning. This makes the derived images more abstract, and this cognition can only go so far in inventing meaning, so that after a few steps, you can only identify shapes and colors and positional relationships, which makes the later steps of the progression less radical.

–Ryan, mathematician, professor

The result of our Muse & Usability™ session can be described as an interpretive, evolutionary process.

–Charles, social worker