Jennifer Groves is an Artist and Curator living in New Jersey and working in New York City. Jennifer received a B.A. in Fine Art from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. While continuing to paint after receiving her degree, she decided that she would like to manage other artists and become involved in the “art world”. One year later she was one out of fifteen to be accepted into the newly established Art and Arts Professions Master’s Program at New York University. There she learned about the business of running a gallery, assessing estates and appraisals while interning at Christie’s, creating operating budgets, collecting art for corporations etc., Also a member of the NYU Student Arts Club, Jennifer began curating group exhibitions by members of the University’s MFA Program in the Rosenberg Gallery and the Institute of Social Policy on NYU’s campus. This is where Jennifer found her passion for Art Curating… Overseeing the art exhibition programming at Weill Cornell Medicine, West Side for more than 14 years, curating shows in alternative spaces, and become increasingly involved in art Expos and Fairs in the NYC area, and now ArtisTTable, she never turns down an opportunity to expose artists to a broader audience.

“To be an artist, meeting other artists, sharing insights and asking questions like “why” and “how”, knowing the language of the materials and mediums, having an eye for what seems aesthetically to fit, (alone or within the group) ultimately forming a cohesive body of art out of seemingly unrelated material, is the joy of creating an exhibition.” Jennifer Groves