We judged these on a 4 category 10pt scale with the categories being:

A) Visual Composition: Our opinion on the overall composition of the piece or pieces. To us this meant how well presented, purposeful and finished looking (or purposely unfinished or raw) the piece(s) were. Was there a strong thought behind where everything in the composition went? How successful was this?

B) Ability to explain the concept: This is a bit subjective, but it's important, in our opinion, when creating art to be able to succinctly explain what it is you're trying to accomplish when needed to... or to at least be able to get the point across visually in the piece. We used the write-ups and how well the concept was explained in this section.

C) Depth of Concept: Is this a "what you see is what you get" kind of piece or series, or are there multiple layers conceptually that work together to create a piece with more depth emotionally or mentally. How much does this work make the viewer think?

D) Overall: Our own selfish tastes that we gravitated towards.

We chose Dorit Ruff with our 1st prize as we felt Dorit's two pieces showcased a strong ability to work with color, texture, and changing line/brush weights to create a strong composition. We also felt that because Dorit wrote all the poetry that went into these pieces, it added an extra layer of personalization and concept. We really thought that represented the parameters of the composition very well. Dorit's use of color was intelligent and you can see that in "Embroiders" how the red highlight color is carried throughout the piece to add pop and dimension to the composition. The poetry also pops well as a secondary highlight.