The three van der Wouden sisters are currently attending University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. While each in a very different station in their educations they each have a rich background and keen interest in the arts. Between them, their individual participation in the arts include, writing, drawing, painting, singing, photography, dance, cooking, and theater.

Yael was recently honored by being selected by VPRO in Amsterdam to participate in their new radio makers program with an emphasis on podcasting. She also is an editor for Frame, the University of Utrecht's literary journal.

When she is not studying, Yael is spending a lot of her time in the kitchen cooking delicious things to eat. Her skills in the pastry department are astounding. Yael really is a woman of many talents, honestly if she wasn't so interested and good at writing she could make it as a visual artist with her watercolors.


She has just completed her Masters in Comparative Literature and is looking forward to her next adventure that will include going for her PhD.


From an early age she has made ballet a very serious part of her life and continues to dance with a traveling group that performs throughout The Netherlands. She also is an accomplished photographer and has an eye for subtle beauty.

Tamar has graduated with her Bachelor Degree in Psychology, and is moving directly into her Masters program where she will be focusing on Gender Studies.

At the moment she is working on her Bachelor Degree in Cultural & Social Development Studies.

The baby of the family but don't let that fool you. Like her sisters, she is a creative dynamo. While she has spent a lot of time with the handle of a paint brush in her hands, her passion lies much more in the theater arts. She has participated in musicals including Romeo and Juliet. Shira is also a part of the experimental theater group, The Young Ones, in Zwolle.