Roeli Rumscheidt. She was born in the Netherlands and is a life long artist. She has been drawing since she was four years old, and after high school she attended Ecole de Couture Charles Montaigne in Amsterdam, where she studies fashion design and went on to work for years as a designer for several large companies.She later continued to expand her creative studies and attended Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam and also the Minerva Academy in Croningen, where she studied, painting, printing techniques and illustration.Her current works can be described as impressionistic as well as expressionistic. Her portrait, still lives and landscapes are colorful and have a spontaneous touch. Since she moved into the Dutch countryside, the main subject of her paintings has become the landscape with it's typically beautiful Dutch skies and old citys.In a classic tradition, she paints with oil or acrylic paint on various sizes of canvas, inspired by the great Dutch painters of the past. Her exhibitions are sometimes accompanied by surprising happenings:• She moved her entire studio to the exhibition so visitors could see her at work and work with her, or to pose for a portrait painting.• During a show about the connection of animals with humans, she invited people with their pets to come for high tea. The girl with her horse, the boy with his rat, a lot of dogs, a cat and some chickens. The all got something to drink and a bite to eat. They were photographed in the gallery.• Roeli also works as a volunteer with elementary school students, teaching them how make interesting art of the Dutch landscape and how to paint still lifes.