Piotr Wolodkowicz

My paintings start with a color idea and then I develop the composition in which the color is the primary subject. I am a colorist. Balance, vibrancy and simplicity are my primary goals which I try to achieve through landscape and plain air paintings. My work romanticizes places that might not seem noteworthy but are beautiful in those short moments when they exist. My goal is for my work to inspire optimism and to paint good living pictures. For the past 10 years I have been interested mainly in color and how it influences the human perception.

I was born in communist Poland and now I live in Chicago Ill. My art education started in Poland and then it continued in Wright College and Oakton College. I have been involved in numerous curatorial projects with International Art Group and Phantom Galleries which included being a chief curator of a gallery that run new shows monthly with local and international themes. I am the President of Elk Grove Village Art League and a Director of Polish Arts Club of Chicago an organization with 87 year history.


Polish Art’s Club 77th Annual Exhibit 1 st Place Award 2013

Honorable Mention Oak Park Art League 2013

Elk Grove Village Art Center 2012 Award of Excellence

2012 Silver Award Artmaijeur

2007 Silver Award Artmaijeur

2003 Paderewski Award

One Person Shows:

Atheneum Theatre, Chicago Ill Nov-Dec 2011

Omega Business Center Gallery Chicago Ill 2008

Hortex Euro-restaurant gallery, Chicago ILL May 2006

Ukrainian Museum in America, Chicago ILL May 2003

Office of Attorney General of Illinois, Chicago IIL November 2002

Gallery M Golden Book Store, Chicago ILL Multiple Shows Group Shows

Oak Park Art League multiple shows 2013

Elk Grove Village Artist League Multiple Shows

Buffalo Grove Artist League Multiple Shows

Highland Park Art Walk, Ill July 2012

Phantom Gallery, Chicago Ill, Feb-Dec 2012

Elastic Arts, Chicago Ill, Sept 2011

International Arts Group Show, Berlin Germany July 2011

Polish Art’s Club Exhibit @ Polish Museum in America ,Chicago Ill 2009,2010, 2012 &2013

Emily Oaks Nature Center, Skokie Ill 2009 & 2012

Our Generations, Chicago Ill 2009 Polish Museum in America, Chicago ILL February 2007 & march 2006

Utrech gallery, Chicago ILL Multiple Shows

High Risk Gallery, Chicago Ill 2008 Gallery M Golden Book Store, Chicago ILL Multiple Shows

Stollizo Gallery, Chicago ILL Multiple Shows

Harrstein Gallery, Des Plaines ILL Multiple Shows

Inside Art Gallery, Chicago ILL June 1999

Woman's club of Evanston, Evanston ILL April 1999


Ernesto Alonso Estupinan Quintero Mayor of Esmaraldas, Ecuador

Edward L. Rowny Former Ambassador, LTG USA (Ret)

Sphinx Real Estate, Chicago Ill

Charles & Agata Komosa, Chicago Ill

Piotr J Aleszczyk, CPA Schaumburg Ill

Peter Vincense, Berlin Germany

Alpha Bruton, Chicago Ill

Sherwin Degraff, Chicago Ill

Marek & Lucyna Placek, Niles Ill

Anna Liniewska, Chicago Ill