James Scully Bio:

I’m living proof that you can get made fun of by your neighborhood friends for going to art school, and by your art school friends for being a guido!. I’m a born and raised Brooklynite that graduated from Pratt Institute and I now work designing in the tablet and web space. I take a lot of pride in being able to connect people in an idea sharing space to collaborate, get inspiration, and network. If we’re all going to get some place in this profession while continuing to create self-fulfilling work, we’ve got to be connected to each other.

Matt Weckel Bio:

As many other creatives in this rapidly changing industry of visual arts, I often wear many hats. You will see that my portfolio includes a variety of multimedia that I have either directed, produced, edited, or graphically designed. I currently freelance and have created all types of media for clients such as Canon, AOL, JVC, Coby, and more.

In the Winter of 2012, I launched TheWallBreakers.com, a creative content and industry news site dedicated to helping people get and stay creative. I built the site and oversee the day to day operations while updating the content daily. It is my baby, and I take great pride in seeing it grow. I love seeing different artists have a venue to not only display their work, but gain new insights and inspirations from others. I also host an interview series on the site in which artists of varying backgrounds discuss their work and their unique creative process behind it.