The Figure Show - Juror

Audrey Hoffer - Freelance Writer, Washington D.C.

I’m an artist in heart and soul and a writer in profession.

As a child I drew pictures and crafted things with my hands. My father was an amateur artist who nurtured my art sensibilities with voluminous supplies like pastels, drawing pads, paint box and stretched canvases, kneaded eraser, charcoal pencils and sticks, pencils of every number and thickness, Koh-I-Noor black ink pens, stacks of color aid paper and most importantly the advice, “Observe, observe, observe.”

He sent me to Pels Art School on West 71st Street in New York and then to the Art Students League on West 57th Street where he decided the children’s class wasn’t good enough, so I was enrolled in the live model drawing studio Saturday mornings 9:00-12:00.

When it was time for High School he drove me to private small-group lessons to get help compiling a portfolio for submission to the High School of Music & Art. There I painted, crafted pottery, designed linoleum cuts and prints, made drawings and reveled in art history.

Now I channel art impulses on a smaller scale. My art supplies are my favorite possessions and lie at my fingertips in my desk. I make drawings in a Filofax section of my little green leather notebook when I’m waiting for a companion at a restaurant and at museums when inspired by a sculpture or painting. I design holiday cards and mini-collages with cutouts from glossy magazines when sitting at my desk on deadline and I should be writing an article.

I write now for a living but painting, drawing, expression through art imbues my life. Art captures ethereal moments and scenes of beauty. It offers luminous colors and thousands of textures. It allows me to keep tabs on global culture today. It stirs feelings of joy and amazement.

When I look at your paintings I will seek an emotional tilt and a new place in my imagination. Thank you for the privilege.

website: audreyhoffer.com

email: audrey@ahoffer.net

Instagram: @audreyhoffer