Hello Everyone! 2017 is off to really great start. There is so much going on it the world of the ArtisTTable and we are very excited. We welcome you to an all new version of the ArtisTTable Newsletter that we will publish every 2 months. Here you will be able to get the quick hits of information about calls for entries and what is the latest with the ArtisTTable Art Retreats.

In This Issue

• Current Exhibitions - Woman 2017 and Man 2017

• 2017 ArtisTTable Art Retreat Season Schedule - 6 different retreats around the world.

• Call for Art - Selfie, the next upcoming show.

• Famous Aritst's Birthdays

• The Art Happenings of Tali and Royce

ArtisTTable Exhibition News

Doing two things at once is not anything new to the ArtisTTable at all, in fact we don't feel fulling engaged unless we have at least 3 or 4 projects going at once. That said, it was really fabulous to start off our year with something we have never done with any of our exhibitions; we opened two shows at once. On 06 January we opened our 4th Annual Women's Show - WOMAN 2017 and our 2nd Annual Men's Show - MAN 2017. Each exhibition had its own call for entries and were juried separately and can be seen in all of there individual glory at the Exhibition link on the ArtisTTable website. Don't forget about the People's Choice Award in each of the shows. Your votes will help to decide who wins this award.

Speaking for the People's Choice Award. Congratulations to Greg Lannin for winning the People's Choice Award in our previous exhibition, Landscape 2016 for his painting, Tranquil Woods. You can see that painting and the entire Landscape 2016 show by visiting our archives by going to the Shelved link on our site or by clicking here.

ArtisTTable Art Retreats

Our 2017 Art Retreat something we are most proud of and are happy to unveil the entire line up here for you. We have six very special retreats organized and the first one, "Paint in the Desert" is coming right up here in March. Click go to our retreat page for all the information and details.

This retreat is the most unusual offering of the ArtisTTable. Like the retreats before, if you draw, paint, photograph, sculpt or write, this retreat will focus on responding to the landscape through individual expression.

Join us in Arles and St. Remy to visit places where Vincent Van Gogh painted many of his most important masterpieces. This adventure will surely inspire and move you as you paint where Vincent painted.

This special region of France, is a place that time has nearly all but forgotten. Come join us in an enchanted part of Europe to paint in small towns and lush rolling hills.

Genuinely Dutch will take us back to De Kleikamp Estate near Olst, set on the banks of the Ijssel river. It features beautiful gardens and farmland that you will want to paint all day.

Here we will return to our figure drawing roots by drawing from the live model. Based from Royce Deans' Traverse City studio and will work from the model indoors and out.

Once again we will get away from it all on Beaver Island. The island holds endless variety for artists. Beautiful beaches to lush woods, the town and harbor of St. James on Paradise Bay.

Call for Entries

The ArtisTTable online exhibition is titled Selfie. We have just posted the prospectus to the website and registration is open. This is an all media show so now is the perfect time to dive in an create the ultimate form of self-expression Submit your self-portraits by 30 April 2017.

Birthdays of Famous Artists of Note


01 Alfred Stieglitz

12 John Singer Sargent

19 Paul Cezanne

23 Edouard Manet

24 Robert Motherwell

28 Jackson Pollack

28 Alice Neel

29 Barnett Newman


03 Norman Rockwell

09 Alberto Vargas

12 Joan Mitchell

12 Max Beckmann

13 Grant Wood

15 Shepard Fairey

18 Anders Zorn

19 Constantin Brancusi

24 Winslow Homer

25 Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Other Worlds of Tali and Royce

As if the ArtisTTable was not enough to keep us busy as working artists ourselves we have some pretty involved individual studio schedules that encompass our own work as well as collaborative projects that have been at the heart of the Tali and Royce phenomenon for the last ten years.

At the City Water Building by the Richard App Gallery we presented and installation piece we titled, Worlds Turning. Neither one of us had done much with installation art, much less some in that realm of this magnitude.

October 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA at ArtPrize 8 was the culmination of one full year of work.

Tali continues to paint on a daily basis in her studio in the beautifully old city center of Zwolle, The Netherlands. Much of her work is exploring and revisiting much or the landscape painting she is fortunate enough to do in different parts of Europe. She works weekly from the model with the art foundation Palet and continues to prepare work for exhibitions in the coming year.www.TaliFarchi.com

Royce also keeps a full studio schedule with several figure drawing classes he teaches from his studio and for the local college in Traverse City. While the summer months take him outside to do plein air painting, the last year he has really turned his focus to working from the live model. www.RoyceDeans.com

From the Editor

As the year progresses we be adding a section to this newsletter that will feature announcements of other exhibitions and calls for art from all different parts of the globe. If you are interested in promoting your exhibition, gallery, art event or placing an ad or a call for entries, please contact us at: info@ArtisTTableOnline.com

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