Camera Off by Shani Baruch Saks

Welcome to A Show of Her Own - The ArtisTTable's 33rd exhibition and our 2019 Women's Exhibition! First off we want to thank the women that have submitted their art to this show. We as always are impressed by the depth and variety of work that is as deep and meaningful as it is beautiful. The act of creating art, making something from nothing but an idea and a few raw materials is one of the most intimate personal expressions one can make.

The title of this exhibition takes its name from the title of the 1929 essay, A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf. As a writer Woolf argued the importance of women to have their own space both literally and figurative to write. This was, at that time of a very male dominated literary tradition, a bold and important stance to take. It may seem unfathomable now but as a point of reference, Woolf's father was brought up in an era when it was thought that only boys should be sent to school.

Well, we have come a long way since then, and it is sad to say that there still is in many camps, still a very long way to go before everyone, not only women are given an even playing field. It is with this thought in mind that we continue our own ArtisTTable tradition of giving a special exhibition for women to share their work side by side with other women from many different parts of the world.

It is our pleasure present to you this exhibition wherein you will get a good look at statements that women are making about their bodies, their situations and experiences as well as beautiful images that give us each reason to pause, think and rethink. There is art in many different mediums, some very expected, like paintings, photography, and sculpture.

Juror's Notes:

For this show we turned the jurying process over to the ArtisTTable Staff headed up by co-founder Tali Farchi. Reviewing and jurying this body of submissions is always just a little more emotional than most as so many of the pieces deal with raw realities of life that cut pretty close to the bone. As always it is a real labor to take on this task, yet it is indeed a labor of love.

We especially want to thank all those that submitted work to this exhibition. We really appreciate all the work that goes into creating art for such a show. We also want to congratulate those that were chosen to receive the recognition and awards in the show.


1st of May, International Workers Day - Shani Baruch Saks

The point of view is what’s makes an image exciting, and in this case, we see a very personal statement that is a celebration. In this piece, Shani painted soft pastels on corrugated cardboard. The texture of the carton makes it not a simple task but she manages to use it to her advantage in telling the necessary story to include the important details. From the ring on her finger to the nail polish on her toes we can see what the artist sees and thinks as she observed every detail of that moment sitting there on the 1st of May. My decision to choose this artwork for first place of the woman’s show, is due to the fact that this piece allows us to experience the art of a woman, from a woman’s point of view.


Mikonos - Luna Javanovic

To represent with paint the transparency, movement, depth, color, reflection, and power of the water of the ocean is one of the most difficult tasks. Yet Luna manages to it all to this painting she titles, Mikonos as well as the other works in her series of wave paintings. As I am looking at this painting, I feel like diving into the clear water, and I am not a person that would swim in the ocean, but may now I will.


Pina Bausch - Ricki Maissy

The subject matter of this painting, the pose of the well-known dancer and choreographer, Pina Bausch fascinates me. Ricky caught the weightless moment that Pina was so famous for. The way her shirt lays on her body, the position of the arms and fingers, along with the position of her head explains all that makes this authentic and well painted.


Banyan Branch - Deborah Perlman

I would love to see this artwork in person. The depth and layers that this special technique of overlays give us, the viewers, that urge to climb the tree. The tree is alive with the shape its strength and sensuality.

Shoes for Sale or Trade - Randi Simenhoff

Besides a good technically well crafted and composed image, the story that Randi telling us here is human and compassionate. The Cuban lady selling the shoes that obviously are not hers; perhaps she wore them long ago. The sneakers is wearing in this photo certainly work perfectly will with her purple outfit. Who knows what she has in her bag? Simply a touching story.

Time - Galia Gal Albert, Israel

It is not often that we have poetry submitted to the ArtisTTable exhibitions. We are extremely happy to have the work submitted to our 2019 women’s show. In the few words in four lines, Gal grabs time and space. As well the way she presents us with the Hebrew and English versions are really an attractive way to let us read.

No. 1 - Ayala Sion

Ayala makes her ceramic creations as graphic design. Everything fits with the style that she creates. Her choice of shapes and her use of color until the last bit of each branch. The way the flower seem to drip their color onto the vessel is very pleasing to look at.

Gary - Hannah Apps

Each hair and line on Gary’s face has been carefully painted. The light and transparency of his color glasses received the same careful treatment as the background. Every detail seems to have gotten all of Hannah’s attention. You may ask yourself, is this a painting or a photograph?

The Lady in Gold - Yifat Lavi

Personally, I love sketchbooks, the are so personal. When you look at them you feel a bit like you are peeping into an open window of someone’s home, but it is open for you to see. The way that Yifat works across the entire spread of her book makes it feel even more open and wide. Her golden collage and the quote of Klimt with hints of elements from well-known paintings are a real homage.

Trail of the Seven Saguaros - Linda Star Landon

The color of the desert fascinates every time that I am there. We often think that the desert is nothing, but then we find that there are all of these rich colors and shadows. Linda as got in all in this painting.

Wire Pelvis 1, Gold - Anna Caruso

If this were a graphite drawing we would see a sensitive sketch of emotions. I can see that same sensitivity and intensity and in this wire pelvis as well. Very Powerful.

Family Hands - Stephanee Wallace

This is a large format drawing of the hands of generations in a family. Aside from the well drawn anatomy of each hand, the emotional aspect of it is strong and effective. It strikes me only one of the hands has a ring and a watch, that gives a wonderful sense of time and nostalgia.


Yoni 3 - Tammara Or Slilat

Everyone has their own “temple.” But Tammara’s temple named Yoni is open for her priest. Her place of awe and joy is dark and soft. Each word Tammara has rendered with very specifically drawn letterforms explicitly describe and graphically represent her temple. How appropriate for the Woman’s Show.


Venus - Orit Bachrach

Each of the pieces that Orit Bachrach submitted were like individual chapters to a book. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we each of these were at least that many. I chose this particular one, Venus because of the message as well as the symbolic aesthetic she used. Take some time with this work and you will feel the intensity of womanhood.

A Show of Her Own People's Choice Award:

North of Tucson - Linda Star Landon

Congratulations to Linda for winning this honor of being chosen by friends a peers as the winner of this show's People's Choice Award.

We would like to announce that Carol Jackson is the winner of the People's Choice Award for our previous show, Fire. You can see Carol's winning entry, Glass Lovebirds and Scented Candles by clicking Here.

The artwork chosen to represent this exhibition is Camera Off by Shani Baruch Saks.

If you read this far, we thank you very much, we appreciate your interest and engagement in the arts and in particular the work that has taken to put this show together. We truly appreciate all the women in the show and and the great work they do.

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A Show of Her Own Exhibition Artists:

Orit Bachrach

Zipora Baravi

Shani Baruch Saks

Hardeesh Bhamra

Anna Caruso

Malka Chen

Debbie Eshel

Meirav Fisher-Zaken

Hannah Apps

Galia Gal Albert

Donna Howard

Carol Jackson

Luna Javanovic

Linda Star Landon

Yifat Lavi

Racheli Litvin

Ricki Maissy

Naja Isabelle

Tammara Or Slilat

Eti Orshalom

Sabina Perlman

Deborah Perelman

Julie Quinn

Randi Simenhoff

Ayala Sion

Stephanee Wallace

Shani Yamini

Jessica Zimmerman