Gouache on paper - $300

by Royce Deans

Another of one of my favorite places to be. There must be some connection to farming and making things grow that I am unaware of, but I guess I find it fascinating to be in these peaceful places that are growing grasses, grains and animals.

This view from deKleikamp Estate in Olst, The Netherlands is just one of those places. What I chose to paint from this scene show in the photo below is really just that distant part of the field that you can see where the tree line dips down to show those more faint and distant trees.

I have a writing mentor, Yael van der Wouden who has presented her Writing for Artists workshop at several of our ArtisTTable Art Retreats. She has given me access to some techniques that help me process and understand my complete experience of creating in the presence of that of what I am painting.


in the confined

expanses of the Estate.

Static shapes-


a hazy recollection

of evening.

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