Thank you so much for your participation in the ArtisTTable's Distant Horizons exhibition.

Now that you have registered and paid your entry fee you will want to send your image to us.

Email will be the easiest way to send us the file.

Now you must be sure that your file is named appropriately. DH_Artist Last Name_Artwork Title.jpg (with no spaces)

Here is an example: if you name is Smith and the title of your art is Spring Breeze.

The file name for your image will be: DH_smith_springbreeze.jpg


If you are going to email your file, simply place it as an attachment to an email to info@artisttableonline.com

Put Distant Horizons Submission in the subject line and please include your name and the title of your artwork in the body of the email.

If you have any further questions, please email us at info@artisttableonline.com

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing your art.

Tali and Royce

ArtisTTable Developers