• An International Juried Exhibition at Richard App Gallery

• An all media show with an open theme.

• All Artwork must be for sale.

• Longest dimension of the art must be 15" (38cm) or less. (Including frame)

• Entry Fee $35 (Approximately €30) Submit up to 5 pieces for review online.

• Submit online by: 29 April 2015

• Artist Acceptance Notification: 01 May 2015

• Artwork must be received by: 29 May 2015

• Artwork Drop-off Dates: 29-30 May, 1-3 June, Noon - 6pm

• Show Opening: 04 June 2015

• Exhibition Dates: 04 June - 30 June 2015

• Online Opening: 05 June 2015

2 LITTLE is the ArtisTTable's second annual exhibition in a brick and mortar setting. It is an all media, international exhibition with an open theme. 2D, 3D and photography are welcome. Just like last year while this is an exhibition where anything goes except that we limit the size of the art to 15" (38cm) on the longest side. It is great to be back in Grand Rapids, Michigan for this exhibition. Grand Rapids is often referred to as Calder City, because of the major Calder sculpture, La Grande Vitesse, in the city square. Grand Rapids has stepped on to the art world's stage in the last few years, in large part do to ArtPrize. Richard App has been a creative cutting edge influence in ArtPrize and the transformation of Grand Rapids into a Midwest art destination. This exhibition will continue the ArtisTTable tradition of celebrating art and artist's from around the world. The opening will be held on the eve of Grand Rapids 47th Festival of the Arts. New this year, 2LITTLE will be simultaneously exhibited on the ArtisTTable's website.


• Submit online by: 29 April 2015

• Artist Acceptance Notification: 01 May 2015

• Artwork must be received by: 29 May 2015

• Artwork Drop-off Dates: 29-30 May, 1-3 June, Noon - 6pm

• Show Opening: 04 June 2015

• Exhibition Dates: 04 June - 30 June 2015

• Online Opening: 05 June 2015


2 LITTLE is an all media, open themed exhibition.

• Originality.

• Artwork, the longest dimension including the frame must be 15" (38 cm) or less.

• The overall artistic quality of the work, including compositional excellence.


Original, two and three-dimensional art completed within two years of the entry deadline is eligible. Eligible media includes: oils, watercolors, acrylics, gouache, mixed media, alkyds, collage, pastel, pencil, pen and ink, tempera, scratch board, and original prints (e.g., lithograph, etching, engraving, serigraph), photography, mosaic, sculpture of stone, concrete, cast metals, plaster, found objects, fiber, ceramics, clay, wax, etc.. Ineligible media includes: Reproduction prints, jewelry. Obviously derivative work and work done under the supervision of an instructor is not eligible. Work that has previously been accepted into an ArtisTTable exhibition is also not eligible. If there are any further questions about eligible media, please email info@artisttableonline.com and we will happily let you know.


Artists 18 or older are invited to submit up to 5 pieces per entry created within two years of the entry deadline. Submissions are made online by 29 April 2015. Artists will be notified by 01 May 2015 via email of which of their submissions are accepted. Shipped artwork must be received at the gallery by 29 May 2015. Artwork may also be dropped off in person at the gallery. All artwork must be for sale.


You may submit up to 5 pieces of art for $35 (approximately €30), online for consideration to the 2 LITTLE exhibition.

We use PayPal for processing subscription payments. PayPal processes millions of secure financial transactions every day. Our use of PayPal means that we do not receive any credit card information from you. You do not need to open your own PayPal account. You can use the service just for this subscription transaction.

If you have any questions about the fees, please email: info@artisttableonline.com

(Note - Entry fees are not refundable under any circumstances.)


• Entries should be shipped to Richard App Gallery, 910 Cherry Street SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506 USA by 29 May 2015, or dropped off at the Gallery between 29-30 May, June 1-3 from Noon to 6pm.

• The longest dimension of the artwork including frame must be 15" (38 cm) or less.

• Artwork must be ready to hang.

• Artwork must be for sale.

• Artwork must be labeled on the back or bottom, for 3D art with Artist's name, title medium and price.


_ Write a brief artist statement about the submission. 300 words or less.

_ Fill out the 2 LITTLE entry form. (Link at bottom of this prospectus.)

_ Submit non-refundable payment via Pay-pal through the link provided upon completing the Entry Form.

_ Ship or drop-off artwork by the deadline.


Richard App and ArtisTTable staff.


All sales will be handled by the Richard App Gallery of Grand Rapids. There will be a 40% commission taken by the gallery. The artists will be notified of sales, and will receive payment for any sales via PayPal within 30 days of the closing of the show.


ArtisTTable reserve the right to reproduce all accepted entries, regardless of copyright, for the sole purpose of publicizing the exhibition, use in press releases, slide shows, presentations, articles and on the ArtisTTable website. Artist credit will always accompany the artwork.

The Artist Table will not participate in the sale or exchange of any of the images or reproductions of the artwork submitted to its competitions and exhibitions. The Artist shall retain all copyrights of any images submitted to and ArtisTTable competition. Submission of a work shall constitute an agreement to comply with all the conditions set forth in this Call for Entries.


Accepted artwork will be displayed in the Richard App Gallery from 04 June - 30 June 2015. After the closing the exhibition unsold art will be returned to the artists if return shipping fees where included, unless other arrangements have been made. The exhibition will be publicized to many online social media outlets and blogs. Traditional publications such as newspapers and magazines will be sent press releases detailing the exhibition, and include the names of the winners and the juror's statement.


Any unsold art work can be picked up at the gallery on July 1st or 2nd or will be returned in the original packaging at the artist's expense. Please provide a return airbill with your art for the return shipment in the original packaging.

Watch the show from last year at the gallery: