Maybe Hundreds of People Go By...
Gouache on paper - $300
by Royce Deans

This painting was done on the banks of the Wijde Aa, on 21 September 2017, one of the last days I was in the Netherlands this year. The Widje Aa is a small lake in city of Zwolle and very near the home of Tali Farchi.
It was just a short walk on a welcome warm and sunny day after a week of less than warm clear days. In fact while I was painting many people, maybe not hundreds, but many were making their way around this body of water either jogging, walking their dog or vondeling hand in hand.

Quick sketch for this painting that doesn't actually look to representational, but it was just what I needed.

Four years ago I painted this same scene. It is funny how some places just keep calling you back.
Paintings from 10 September 2013