The ArtisTTable team is available to bring our workshops to your event or retreat. We can custom design a program for you  that will educate and entertain your participants, clients, or employees.

This workshop has been a mainstay of the ArtisTTable since before its beginning. Developed by Tali Farchi  as a way to get artists and non-artists alike to relax in such a way and to feel comfortable being in the now. And to be able to internalize the music that they are presented with and to be able to respond to it freely.
When we hold a Drawing Safari, artists are taken on a walk around and through their current location. We stop every minute to make a two minute drawing. Looking fast and drawing fast allows everyone to avoid the over thinking process. This workshop is a great way to learn about your surroundings and to find the very essence of what is interesting to you in whatever it is that you are looking at.
Over the years we have come to find that as artists if we explore new methods of working that we are able to investigate our subjects in new and interesting ways. Two different types of printmaking, monotypes and drypoint etching both provide a wide variety of ways to explore how we see, process, understand compostion and make marks.
Specifically in our Dutch retreats we are offering in 2021 a special sculpture workshop that is let by seasoned professionals that can teach stone sculpting to both the novice as well as those familiar with the process.

Figure Drawing
For years we have lead figure drawing workshops and held figure drawing marathons that provide artists with an intensive experience of working first hand with the life model. Working this way, regardless of what type of artist you are will elevate your ability to look and ultimately see more. Sense of good design and proportion, balance and composition are all improved by drawing the live model.