photo by Rob Gaczol

Tali Farchi
The sun, the light, and the aromas of Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel my home town

continue to influence my art and creativity on all levels.
Art is my passion and my profession. Since I was a child, art was nearly the only thing
that interested me, now that I am a bit older I can say 
that it is not the only thing, but still,
the arts in any form are at the center of my life.
Music is very personal. Painting to the music as inspiration for me is even more personal;
it is intimate.
I'm a Painter to music and movement.
As the music begins I don’t know where it will go or where it will take me. 
In that moment, the tension between me, my brush and, my panel is highly emotional. 
Standing in front of a blank panel for me is pure wonderment. 
It can not be more special as the music appears in the paint through simultaneous improvisation. 
The brush strokes I paint take me to the composition and colors of the sound. 
Music is color and notes structure.