Our 2017 season is well underway, check out what is yet to come!
We really enjoy bringing together artists from all walks of life and from the four corners of the globe to work together in truly beautiful and inspiring places. When you participate in an ArtisTTable Art Retreat you can be assured that you will be in a place where your creativity will be celebrated and nurtured. Whether you are an experienced artist, or one that is more recently involved, we will meet you at your level. Everyone will find something in each of our retreats that will enhance your artistic practice.


Painting in the Desert - Kibbutz Neot Semadar, Israel, March 11-15

We are returning to the desert in Israel! Everyone was so inspired by this amazing landscape. The constantly changing colors are completely captivating. Combined with all our ArtisTTable activities and workshops this WILL be a week you will NEVER forget!

Finding Expressionism - Orly Dvir Gallery, Jaffa, Israel, March 20-11

Finding Expressionism is a new offering that we are very excited about. Whether you want to let go of the painting inhibitions that you might have and loosen up your landscapes or if you want to explore abstraction at its most authentic core, join us in Jaffa.

Art of Rehabilitation and Healing - Israel, April 8-10
This will be a special retreat designed to help those with disabilities to find expression, healing and fulfillment through being genuinely creative while painting, drawing and making original art.

https://artisttableartretreats.wordpress.com/retreats/After Van Gogh - Arles/St. Remy & Auvers, France, April 18-27
Join us again in Arles , St. Remy and Auvers to visit the locations where Vincent Van Gogh painted. You will be able to work from the very inspiring spots that many of his most important masterpieces were painted. This adventure will surely open all the windows of your creativity as you stand where Vincent painted.

Genuinely Dutch I, May 3-7

Genuinely Dutch II, May 9-13

If you are looking for a genuinely Dutch painting adventure, this retreat in Olst is just what you need. Olst, on the shores of the Ijssel river, was founded even before Amsterdam, it features beautiful farmland that is gorgeous enough that you will not want to leave. Don't discount the fact that they have an amazing windmill too.