Our 2016 season was amazing and now look what we have in store for 2017!
We want to thank everyone that participated in our art retreats this year. It was inspiring to be a part of so much creative energy in such beautifully enlightening places. From Larochemillay in France to Olst in the Netherlands and all the way to Beaver Island in the middle of Lake Michigan, it has been wonderful to experience how creating art can foster so many new ideas and relationships. We feel so honored to have been able to work with you all.

We are really looking forward to 2017, make art with some new friends and make even more with our old ones.



This retreat to the desert in Israel will be like no retreat that we have offered to date. As we always promise, we do take creative minds to inspiring places. Ne'ot Semadar will be no exception.  This unique landscape combined with site specific activities and workshops will make for a week you will never forget.

Join us in Arles and St. Remy to visit the locations where Vincent Van Gogh painted many of his most important masterpieces. This will be an adventure that will surely inspire and move you as you paint where Vincent painted.

The countryside of the Morvan region of France is calling us back again. Come join us in this enchanted part of Europe, a place that time has nearly all but forgotten. We will paint in small towns and lush rolling hills.

If you are looking for a genuinely Dutch painting adventure, this retreat in Olst is just what you need. Olst, on the shores of the Ijssel river, was founded even before Amsterdam, it features beautiful farmland that is gorgeous enough that you will not want to leave. Don't discount the fact that they have an amazing windmill too.

For another unique retreat we are returning to our figure drawing roots. This retreat will focus on working from the live model. We will be based out of Royce Deans' Traverse City studio and will work from the model indoors and out.

Northern Michigan is filled with such a wide variety of beauty from Lake Michigan  beaches to thick woods will give you everything and more that you expect from a plein air art retreat.