Hello Everyone! Welcome once more to the ArtisTTable Newsletter. We hope you are having a great summer if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, and that winter is being kind to you if you are in Southern portions of the globe. Things have be so busy around the ArtisTTable, and we love it that way. Things are busy as always around the ArtisTTable, it is sometime hard for us to keep up with ourselves so it is really our pleasure to send you this communique to keep you in the loop. Read on and then go make some art!

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ArtisTTable Exhibition News


Our current show is SELFIE and it will run until 17 August. Check it out today on our website. The voting is still open for the People's Choice Awards, click the vote button under your favorite art and you will help to determine the winner of this award. (SELFIE poster image: Sideways Perspective by Kathleen Ford) Click here to see the exhibition.

The call for entries that we currently have out there is for our 26th exhibition, we are calling it, Sketchbook. It is an all media show with a completely open theme. The only stipulation is that all of the work submitted must be created and contained in a sketchbook. You may submit up to 5 pieces for the single entry fee of $25 US. Complete exhibition details and registration will be available on the ArtisTTable website in early June.
We are really looking forward to this show! What's in your sketchbook?

Announcing ArtisTTable TV - TTtv
We recently started yet one more crazy adventure here at the ArtisTTable. On the 9th of June we had our first broadcast of TTtv. We are still on the steep uphill side of the learning curve, but we are having a good time learning about this new form of streaming live video and making lots of mistakes in the process.

You can tune in by going to the ArtisTTableOnline Facebook page. We are scheduling the shows to be live Tuesdays at 8am Eastern Daylight Savings Time. If you catch us live you can chime in with comments and questions, in fact, you can even join us on the air if you like. We would love it! We would love to talk to you about your art, your studio or any upcoming shows you have, or exhibitions you have seen recently.

We have already done painting demos live and will do more and more fun stuff. If you have suggestions for show themes or topics you would like to hear us address, let us know, we are always open to your ideas. Check the show out and you can watch our older shows there on the Facebook page too.

Famous Artist's Birthdays

July is filled with birthdays of some amazing artists, all we can figure is that there must have been lots of creative people trying to keep warm on some cold November nights. Here are just a few of the highlights of this amazing month birthday wishes. Find out whose birthday it is on any given day by visiting our birthday site. Don't see your favorite artist in our list? Tell us and we will be more than happy to do a bit of research and get that artist included. Join the celebration!

July 6 - Frida Kahlo
July 7 - Marc Chagall
July 9 - David Hockney
July 10 - Camille Pissaro
July 12 - Andrew Wyeth
July 14 - Gustave Klimt
July 19 - Edgar Degas
July 20 - Giorgio Morandi
July 22 - Edward Hopper
July 24 - Alphonse Mucha
July 24 - Alex Katz
July 25 - Thomas Eakins
July 28 - Marcel Duchamp
July 30 - Henry Moore
July 31 - Jean Dubuffet

ArtisTTable 2017 Art Retreat

We love our new retreat web site check it out by clicking the image below. As always is the case we are updating it regularly, so stop by often to see the updates.


Upcoming ArtisTTable Art Retreats

As we are fully into the summer season we not only are thinking a lot about getting outside to paint ourselves, but we are really looking forward to the next art retreats that we have coming up.

We will be heading back to Larochemillay once more to paint the marvelously lush landscape of the Morvan Region of France. Come with us and make art in this most enchanted and inspiring place.

Our retreat, Genuinely Dutch will take us back to De Kleikamp Estate near Olst, set on the banks of the Ijssel river. Join us in the beautiful gardens and the surrounding farmland that you will simply want to paint all day long. Check out the coupon below for a special offer to anyone thinking of coming to Olst.

Are you ready for a very different sort of retreat. Figure It Out will be a long weekend filled with sessions where we work directly from the live model. We will be drawing and painting both in the studio as well as taking the model out into the landscape. If you are into figure drawing, this retreat is a must!

Beaver Island, the largest in Lake Michigan, and it is a magical place. The island holds endless variety for artists, you will paint on beautiful beaches, lush woods, the town  of St. James and harbor on Paradise Bay. Don't miss this week of art making that you will not ever forget.

We have a very special offer to the subscribers to our newsletter.

Art Exhibitions Around World

If you have a show coming up, let us know, we will be happy to put it on our Facebook group as well as in this section of our newsletter. We love to hear about shows and exhibitions that you are involved in. Send descriptions and a jpeg of the poster or invitation to: info@ArtisTTableOnline.com

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