Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to the first ArtisTTable Newsletter of 2019. The new year always seems to feel like a new start and even if you are not into resolutions, it is a time to consider what we will do just a little different than we did last year so that we might be just a little better off at the end of this year. As artists, we face the constant struggle to stay inspired and energized to make new and more engaging work. We have found that our art retreats and workshops have been really powerful experiences for those that have attended. This newsletter is most definitely about making sure that you know about what were offering this year because we really believe in them as workshops for your creativity.

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ArtisTTable Retreats & Workshops
Being an artist is a state of mind more than a decision to be an artist. Whether you are a full-timer spending each day in your studio or if you are a weekender, there exists a responsibility. It's a responsibility to share your experience through your own unique perspective, and to do it authentically. That is to be true to yourself, your sensibility, and your artistic character.

We say about ArtisTTable Art Retreats, that we "Take Creative Minds to Inspiring Places!" –That is only part of the story. If making art that expresses your world freely and authentically is important to you, you can think of our retreats as 7 to 10 day workshops on The Art of Art Making.

You will learn to draw as fast as you can look. In doing so, you soon will trust yourself more and doubts will melt away. Your ability to confidently process your subject will greatly improve,  and you will have a fresh vision of what your artistic potential really is.

Experience with the many artists that have joined us in the last six years has show us that by getting out from under your daily routine, moving to a new and possibly unfamiliar location will do more help you realize these changes in your artistic practice than anything else.

"This Art Retreat was a highlight for me! Thank you for the opportunity to expand my creativity, both in art and sharing my passion for personal growth and wellness. Royce and Tali make a fabulous team and I look forward to participating and working with you both in the future."  –Lisa from Michigan


Arles/St.Remy/Aix-en-Provence, France
01 to 10 May 2019

The Provence is a special part of France and is filled with a light that has captivated artists from around the world for years and it will captivate you too. Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cézanne are the two most notable artistic residents of the region. Vincent traveled to Arles in 1888 with the dream of establishing a "Studio of the South" in his Yellow House. Eventually he convinced Paul Gauguin to join him there, but that only lasted a short while. Cézanne was born and raised in Aix-en-Provence and then came back from Paris to paint there the rest of his life. 

We will visit and paint in many of the locations where Vincent worked. Then we will go east and visit Cézanne's studio, and switch our focus to getting out in the field to paint the landscape around Mont Sainte-Victoire that inspired so many of Cézanne's paintings. This will be a wonderful opportunity to not only learn more about these great artists, but as you stand in the very same places where they created their art, your own paintings will be inspired as were they.
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Zwolle, Netherlands
31 May to 07 June 2019

The Dutch landscape is classically beautiful in so many ways. This unique landscape, for centuries has been the subject of painters the likes of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Mondrian, Monet, and William Turner. Join us on this retreat and you will have the opportunity to paint pastoral farmland, lush forests, the banks of the Ijssel River and the classically Dutch architecture in the old city center of Zwolle.

Painting demonstrations, mini workshops contained with this retreat will jumpstart your creativity. Our focus is always on providing ample opportunities for you to explore the landscape with paint. Particularly here, we will experience the variety of subjects Zwolle, voted second best city center after Amsterdam, has to offer. In addition to the days filled with painting we have many other activities planned for you that will immerse you in the culture of Zwolle, its artistic life, museums, cafes and all there is to see and do in this very walkable city. 

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Granada, Spain
15 - 22 September 2019

The old city of Granada is as picturesque as it is culturally rich. Home to the Alhambra whose imposing walls tower above the city below are a reminder of the Islamic influence that remains in local designs and sensibilities. Granada has always been a place that different worlds both collided and coexisted. Ernest Hemingway said, "If you only visit one city in Spain, make it Granada."

The cobble streets that wind between white washed walls and homes set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas are an endless source of inspiration for your drawings and paintings. We will take full advantage of the we have there to draw and paint them daily as we explore every corner of the city. Granada is also one of Spain's flamenco strong holds. This energetic dance is an exciting art form that we will be sure to witness live. Drawing the dancers and musicians will be a experience that will sharpen your ability to process the moment. 

Our goal on this retreat is to immerse you in the rich culture that exists in Granada. From there we will be focusing our efforts on drawing and painting the city, the views of nature as seen from the city. We will guide you as we go sketching the city and its nightlife when the sun goes down. And of course, we will visit the Alhambra with all of its grandeur. 

You can always go to our website www.ArtisTTableOnline.com and click on the Retreat tab or you can click here to go directly to the Retreat site: http://bit.ly/2qnGBes

Our next online exhibition is titled Fire. It is an all media show. The art must contain some aspect or attribute of fire in any of its many forms or contexts.  Click here for the prospectus and registration.
        Title: Fire                                         
        Subject: Artwork that has anything to do with fire. 
        All media show
        Submission Deadline: 11 March 2019
        Exhibition Dates: 02 April to 05 July 2019

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