We are introducing a series of webinars that you may attend for FREE via Zoom. There we will discuss many of the issues that beset us as artists on a revolving and often daily basis. Once we identify these things we can set a course to keeping our artistic mojo revved up and in tact.
Muse & Usability™ is a proven method developed by the ArtisTTable for working through the challenges and joys of the creative process. Come to this FREE webinar to hear ArtisTTable co-founders, Royce Deans, and Tali Farchi discuss live, ways to identify creative blocks, discover ways to remove them, and enhance your artistic experience.

What you can expect:
• Valuable information to improve your creative practice
• Removing creative obstacles
• Finding inspiration
• How to make your art your own
• Identify your muse
• Practical tips from professional artists
• Discount Code for $20 reduction on the Muse & Usability™ Lab

Next Webinar:
Tuesday, 07 July 2020
10 AM to 11 AM (Eastern US Time)
16:00 to 17:00 (European Time)

Sign up today! (Free to sign up and Free to attend)