Come and join the ArtisTTable's exclusive creative Muse & Usability™ Laboratory, an intensive guided workshop presented on Zoom designed to help you personally discover many new possibilities. You will have the opportunity work with local and international artists with a method that will change the way you approach your art.

What you can expect:
• 4 hour online workshop
• Get instant results
• To make 10 paintings
• Find your muse
• Find a new muse
• Finding an unexpected muse
• Putting your muse to work
• Understanding the benefits of collaboration
• Seeing collaboration in a new light
• Improved drawing/painting/ skills
• Sharpened ability to see/observe
• Enhanced ability to respond
• Immediate application to your artistic practice

Upcoming Labs:

Sunday, 19  July 2020
10 AM to 2 PM (Eastern US Time)
16:00 to 20:00 (European Time)
Limited to 20 participants.

$75 per lab session