Buckets of Moonbeams
by Michael Hassig
Welcome and thank you for taking the time to come and see, "Free Choice", the ArtisTTable's 35th online exhibition. It has been a while since we have presented a completely open themed all media show. It is always exciting to see what sort of work is submitted when there are no boundaries set down.

Speaking of boundaries, the world is a different place than it was even just a few weeks ago. We are all looking at things a lot differently. The ways that we interact with our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues has changed drastically.

That having been said, when we gave this show its name,
"Free Choice" we had no idea what would be submitted, and that is the beauty of what we do here at the ArtisTTable. We encourage and celebrate creativity in all of the forms it may take. In this exhibition you will experience traditional painting to photography, to edgy videos, to sculpture and conceptual art. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do in presenting it.

We want to thank Dutch artist, print-maker, and art educator, Lotte Marijt for being out juror for "Free Choice". Being the juror, is never an easy job, so we really appreciate her work. As we were sending her the images of the submissions, we knew the high quality of the work in this grouping. We knew that her task as the juror was going to be an especially difficult one. It was indeed exciting to see the decisions that she made.

So, once more, dankjewel Lotte. Take the time to read her notes on the show and what she has to say about the works that she has chosen.

Juror's Notes:
I found it very difficult to make a selection of what I really thought of all these submitted works. What a high level and what beautiful pieces of work people have submitted. First I spent an evening looking at all the works extensively, and I thought to myself, how would I have made this artwork? Some works really touched me, the way of painting, the void in some photo series. I have made a selection of works that amazed me and that I would like to know more about or see a further process of. What a pleasure I had to view these works. Thank you for taking a look at these beautiful fragile collections! –Lotte

First Place:
Michael Hassig - Step It Up An’ Go
As I said, the round composition at the top of the image catches my attention. I like the use of color, and I like the fact that there are many parts that focus on a specific point. It almost feels like I'm looking at a perspective. And it is, a nicely tilted point of perspective, this collage. This world triggers me to look at it longer.  - Designs new worlds. Beautiful contrasting use of color. Working layer by layer works very well in these landscapes. The composition in the work 'Step it up an' go ', with the rounded top, is very exciting. When I see these collage's, I keep thinking 'what am I looking at?' and that's a good question. The work balances on the interface between figurative and abstract, I wonder where the development is going next. Good!

Second Place:
Merav Tal-Or - Orgasmic Scratching
This work has guts. I find it almost painful to watch, she pushes the boundaries of what is pleasant to see. At the same time, this affects me enormously. I wonder why. I think the combination between image and sound is very intense, while the image is pleasant to look at. The sound is private and she makes it public. Nice that her work rubs a bit. - I like a good work in which the female maker uses her own body and thereby pushes her own boundaries. I was charmed by the artwork she creates. Especially the works in which she leaves room for the imagination; like 'Landscape'. Or the work where you have to look twice before you understand what you see, such as 'Hairgate'. The video 'Orgasmic Scratching' in which she works with her own sound and own body together forms a beautiful work. It is almost painful to watch. As a viewer you feel like a voyeur. She makes powerful art. I wonder what she will make if she keeps it that way and leaves some to the imagination of the viewer.

Third Place:
Baruch Goldfinger - Ramon Crater
First of all, what a wonderful use of color. These colors catch me, they keep my attention. The green line that crosses the orange on the left works very well. I like that I can look at these large brush strips. There are blobs of paint, and I would like to feel this paint with my fingers. There is a lot of speed in the painting. The light part, in the middle, gives the painting depth and you can really disappear into it. The artist has worked layer by layer, and that draws attention. I would like to see this work in real life. -Very finely colorful works of art. I hope they are nice and big so they take up a lot of space. The colors already take up a lot of space and that is why they attract my attention. I really enjoy looking at these works, they remind me of large abstract works by Willem deKooning. I see that the painter has enjoyed painting this. The artworks seem to swing, there is movement in the lines and surfaces of the painting. 'Night' and ‘Ramon Crater' are my favorites.

Honorable Mentions:
Anat Alon - Bottles
Nice top view of an everyday scene, very beautiful grayed way of painting.

Mario Atias - Miyam Ladgim
I really like the details, and what a beautiful organic skeletal image.

Edna Dali - Relationship
There is always something that triggers me with heads and birds. What is the story? Nice, beautifully made work, a little bit scary!

Shalom Kelner - Friendship
Nice woodwork, almost abstract, what are they talking about? Is it really friendship? It triggers me.

Patti Sevensma - First Love
What is the story here? Where did the writer go?

Shira van der Wouden - Self-Care
Nice work, good composition, good title, you can see the joy of painting.

Portfolio Award:
Elias Paliopoulos
The ArtisTTable Portfolio Award is given to an artist that submits a series of images that tell a cohesive story or narrative. The Civilization Isolation photographs of Elias Paliopoulos in this exhibition are a series he considers a photographic story. Indeed it is a story, and one that is incredibly poignant  for our time. The idea of isolation is one that has unfortunately become something in everyone of our individual realities. This series explores and addresses the many ways that we might be or become isolated.

Studio Award:
Blair Treuer
The ArtisTTable's Studio Award is presented to an artist that exhibits a unique studio practice or way of working that is a variation from what we might think traditional or even possible. These carefully assembled fabric pieces by Blair Treuer bring to mind the intricacies of life. Family and cultural dynamics are both interesting and sometimes hard to negotiate. In this body of work, stories are told and likenesses are achieved. There is an overwhelming sense of care and commitment shown here not only in the individual art works but to the reality that they represent.

Staff Pick Award:
Divyendu Anand - Mystical Dancer
The ArtisTTable's Staff Pick Award is presented to a piece of art that we feel deserves special recognition for a job well done. The sculptures of Divendu Anand show exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail and are pieces that are expertly composed. Each of the artist's sculptures in this show are very strong, 'Mystical Dancer' may actually be perfectly composed without a single awkward curve or contour. It is our pleasure to give Divyendu this award.

Tali’s Choice:
Dubi Roman - Autumn in South Moravia 3
Photography is a discipline that can be very easily taken by everyone these days as we all have a camera on our smartphones and the snapshots can be beautiful. When I saw the image from Dubi, and I needed to check if it was a pastel drawing rather than a photograph. I realized that I'm looking on an image that can open hearts and eyes to his world. The wide fields the open space, colors, shapes, curves, and the two bushes that off the center to complete a good composition. This image was taken in of the Czech Republic which looks like a well-painted canvas by itself…  but this image is landscape photography at its best.

Royce's Choice:
Diana Fernández - Inner Dimensions
I chose the sculpture by Diana Fernández as my pick because of how it immediately resonated with my own creative sensibilities. The solid sense of both form and space exist equally. The soft geometric cubes that make up this organic object give me feeling that I can see it pulsating.

Free Choice People's Choice Award:
This is really where you as a viewer come into the equation and become part of the process. Please take the time to vote because your vote really will determine who will win this award for this exhibition. Voting will be open until 14 July 2020.

We would like to announce that Hadar Cohen is the winner of the People's Choice Award for our previous show, "Hills & Valleys". You can see Hadar's winning entry, Blue by clicking Here.

The artwork chosen to represent this exhibition is by the First Place winner, Michael Hassig, titled, Bucket of Moonbeams.

If you read this far, we thank you very much, we appreciate your interest and engagement in the arts and in particular the work that has taken to put this show together. We truly appreciate all the women in the show and and the great work they do.

Now please Click Here and go enjoy "Free Choice" now. 
Free Choice Exhibition Artists:
Anat Alon - Israel

Divyendu Anand - India

Mario Atias - USA

Rachel Bar On - Israel

Tamari Baz'e - Israel

Edna Dali - Israel

Royce Deans - USA

Michael Edington - USA

Tali Farchi - Netherlands

Diana Fernández -Guatemala

Netta Ganor - Israel

Baruch Goldfinger - Israel

Michael Hassig- USA

Gedaluahu Hortig - Israel

Marlen Ismalon - Israel

Shalom Kelner - Israel

Inbal Kristin - Israel

Esti Meir - Israel

Elias Paliopoulos - Greece
Paul Pinzarrone - USA

Landon Purser - USA

Barbara Reich - USA

Dubi Roman - Israel

Rajul Shah - Singapore

Shena Sloboda - USA

Merav Tal Or - Israel

Blair Treuer - USA

Shira vd Wouden - Netherlands