What we See

Video and or stills from former projects,
Maybe, Amsterdam and PE

The drawing of the map... your picture then my picture appear on the map. Lines or dots criss cross over the ocean between the US and Europe. ( Maybe a number 7 appears over the ocean when we say 7 years, and maybe a musical note appears when we say live music.)

another scene from the past.

The map with our pictures (Brady Bunch music playing) and the images of our families start popping into the frames on the left and right sides.

Video segments of the photos being taken in NL and US

A drawing of how it could be hung...

Back to the animation with all the photos there.. wiggling just a little.
What we Hear

Our art has taken us around the world  and we have created art in many wonderful places, Germany, Bulgaria, Prague, South Africa, Amsterdam, Canada, US, and Israel.

We are two artists, one from the Netherlands and one from Michigan. We have been working together for the last seven creating a large body of abstract paintings that we use live music as our subject.

These rather elaborate projects involve setting up studio spaces in remote locations and inviting musicians to play as well as inviting the public to see the process at it happens.

We each have a spouse and families that each include three children.  They do not accompany us on these projects but certainly are present through their support and communication. This Family Portrait Project is a dedication to them and is really very different than any other project that we have ever done.

As artists when we attempt to represent our own family members in a painting it is most difficult to remain totally objective. Because of life long relations with these people it is impossible not to be affected in someway by those. For this reason we have set out to paint portraits of each other's families as well as our own. We feel like it is a very interesting experiment to be able to compare how we see each other's family members; the people that support us in so many ways.

Our installation will display two paintings of each member of our families with each of our portraits of the same person hanging side by side.

Families are important and we appreciate ours.
May 15, 2013, 9:10 AM