At the bottom of this page you can register to attend this first ever ArtisTTable event!

This event after all is really about making art. We will provide models and lighting, some chairs and tables, maybe even some easels. But, aside from your art supplies, it is suggested that if you have a favorite easel set up that you like to use that you should bring it along.  Feel free to bring paint as well as drawing materials. We are even suggesting that if you would like to sculpt out of clay or wax that you are more than welcome. The area where we are working is carpeted, and we need to keep it clean, so if you are a messy worker, please bring a drop cloth.

At the bottom of this page you will find the registration form, please fill it out and then you will be directed as to how to pay.
There are three ways to play:

$90 for 24 Hours
This is the best deal and you can come and go as you please.
$50 for 8 Hours
We realize that not everyone can or even wants to do anything for 24 hours, so pick the shift you want take.
$10 for 1 Hour
Only have a little bit of time but still want to be a part of the figure drawing event of the century? If you decide that you want to stay longer you can extend your stay, we just ask that you pre-pay your first hour.

No matter if you signed up for the 24 hour or the 1 hour session you are eligible to be a part of the reception. We will invite the public to come meet the artists and see the art that was created in this 24 hour time period and celebrate with some wine and cheese. The ArtisTTable will promote this event through ads and social media as well. We recommend that you also invite all of your family and friends too. We will make an emailable invitation that you can send out, plus a Facebook event that you can share. You may make your art work available for sale. To off-set the cost of the reception there will be a 15/85 split with the ArtisTTable and the artist. (The artist of course gets the 85%) It would be a great idea to bring mats and or frames to create a better presentation of your work at the reception. There will be time throughout the session as well as from 6 to 7 Saturday for you to prepare your work for display.

Everyone needs to eat, and the ArtisTTable doesn't want you to have to worry about that too much, so we will provide soups, a rice bar, popcorn, snacks and just about everything you will need to keep your energy up for a full day of art making.

Legalities and budgets don't allow us to provide everything that you might want to drink, but we will have bottled water, some tea, and all the coffee you can drink for your enjoyment and to keep you awake.

When you are ready to not be awake any more, we will have yoga mats and plenty of floor space for you to stretch out on can catch a few winks. There will even be a camper in the parking lot too that will be available on a first come first lay down basis. If you live near by you may also want to head home for a few hours and sleep in your own bed for awhile. It doesn't matter, you may come and go as you please. We do recommend that you bring your own pillow though.

If you are an art model or would like to be one for this event? If you would be willing to sit, stand, and or lay around naked, while complete strangers draw and paint you, please contact Royce at or call at 231.883.1681
You must be 18 or older. This is a paid part-time position and if you agree to be here there will be lots of artists depending on that fact. So, serious inquiries only.

The Well Being - Behavioral Health and Fitness Center
1118 Front Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

The Schedule of Activities

Check back often as there will be more activities added as we get closer to the event.
This schedule is subject to change.


5pm - Welcome and Kick-off!
A very special double modeling session.
Also starting at 5 - the session will be accompanied by classical guitarist Jeremy Verwys.

6pm to 8pm Multiple Models

12 Midnight - Toast to the Models


3am Round Robin Drawing Session

6:03am  - Sun Salutation
With an orange juice toast.

10am to 1pm Multiple Models

5pm - Wrap Up

7pm - 9pm Reception, Public invited.
Meet the artists, models, see the art.

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